Session 3, Week 3!


We are over half way with session 3, how did that happen so fast! This week we had the biggest group we have had so far this session, a whopping 5 kids! The spring break kerfuffle is nearly over  and we cannot wait to have the whole group together again!

This week I (Dana) took the lead on planning the project, choosing the artist and teaching the class. I was so excited this was during the week we were scheduled to explore the concept of ‘color’! I have been in awe of Brazilian artist Yago Hortal for quite some time now… So I was very happy to be able to show the kiddos his impressive work. Yago works with manipulating acrylic paint in the most beautiful ways. He makes it so that his medium is in fact the art piece.

Check out some of Yago’s work here.

In order to use the inspiration gathered from Yago’s blending of colors, I wanted to have the kiddos do a project that would require the same movements. With little 5×7 photo frames, the kiddos made small ‘stained glass’ pieces. They used glitter glue (definitely the most popular medium), acrylic paint and food coloring and blended their chosen colors together. When they finished with their ‘glass’ (plexiglass) piece, their next task was to paint the frame. The only catch was that they needed to use their knowledge of mixing colors to choose the color for the frame…. No primary colored frames allowed!

This proved to be a very fun, exciting project… Especially when they got to the point of covering their entire hands with glitter glue and getting to the messy portion of the class! I cant wait to show the kids their dried, finished projects next week!

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Session 3, Week 2


This week was another one of mixed spring breaks so we had a small group of four kiddos in our class. I love when all the kids are together, but its extra special when it is a smaller group. Everyone gets to really have attention from both friends and Kelly and I. This week we discussed texture and experimented with clay… infamously known as the kids’ favorite!

Our artist focus was on Issac Nichols of Group Partner. He makes super fun pots, planters and mugs. We specifically focused on his faces series. To check out more of Group Partner, click here.

The kids were very excited to jump right in to the clay. They worked on building up from a flat slab of clay. Practicing really ensuring the pieces are attached with the use of cross-hatching. We ended up with a bunny, narwal,  and two devils. All very normal choices for this group! Can’t wait to see what they look like after they’re fired! x

Session 2, Weeks 4 & 5; Session 3, Week 1

It’s been a bit since our last update, we’re so sorry! We are finding it difficult to balance quality time and attention with the kiddos with documenting the classes for the blog. Kelly and I often look at each other at the end of a class and realize neither of us had taken our phones out to take a single photo. Personally, I believe that to be a good thing. But when you’re in the retail/workshop business, it requires advertising and documentation. So, here we go! The past three weeks have been a whirlwind of kiddos making art, messes and generally just making Kelly and I laugh.


Week 4 of session 2 featured the work of Kehinde Wiley. Infamously now known for the incredible portrait he did of President Obama, we discussed his use of backgrounds, pattern, color, and relationship between background and portrait. To see some more of his work yourself, click here.

We taught the kiddos how to marble their paper. Normal marbling kits are too toxic for little ones, so we went the safe route, using shaving cream and food coloring. After filling their tins with shaving cream, they chose their colors, put a few drops on top of the shaving cream, then mixed it to their heart’s content. When ready, they laid their paper down, waited a moment, picked the paper up, wiped away excess shaving cream, and marveled in their work!

*We then gave the kids a few moments to get messy with the shaving cream mixture… causing a bit of chaos…*

Our next step was to talk about the very difficult art of portraiture. The kids each drew whoever was sitting across from them, allowing new friends to be made. Some kiddos got frustrated, which I do too when drawing portraits. But all of them ended up completing the project and (we think) were happy with the outcome. The portraits pasted onto the marbled paper, resulted in a look similar to Kehinde’s!


Week 5 of every session is the exhibition night! The kiddos all gathered the projects they made over the entirety of the session and displayed it how they wanted. We asked each other them to think of the favorite piece they had made over the session, and recreate it via watercolor. This gives them a chance to reflect on what they made, what they liked the best, and why they liked it… All prompted by Kelly and I asking repetitively. Then the kids made buttons to have a bit of fun while we waiting for family to arrive. They then stood in front of their pieces and discussed what they liked about their experience. It’s a great chance to have the kids break out of their shells and get semi-serious for a bit about their art practice.


The first week of this new session was spent talking to the kids about the theme of wanting to hide, blend in, and camouflage. We looked at the work of Monica Rohan, an Australian artist who’s work focuses on common themes of floating transcendence and anchored realism. To check out her work, click here.

We worked with the kids to create an environment, whether realistic or abstract, using colored pencils on plain paper. They then picked a creature to hide in that environment they had created, using tracing paper to mimic the lines and colors of the environment.

Several of the kids were on spring break with their families, so this week was a much smaller group. This allowed us to really work one-on-one with each student. Spring break is different for each school, so next week will be a small group again. Looking forward to seeing what they create!

Our Students and Parents Love Us!

And we love our students and parents!!!

Meet Lana Köhn: Intro to Oil Painting on 4/10-11

We are excited to have Lana Köhn come to the LPP Workshop to teach an intro to oil painting class. The two day workshop will be from 4/10 to 4/11. We have a few more spots! Go to our online shop to sign up!


A half Norwegian and half Mexican American born and raised in San Diego, CA, Lana grew up among paints and pencils. Once she realized this was her passion, she obtained a bachelors degree in the Fine Arts with an emphasis in painting and printmaking from Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA.

Having always been fascinated by the human form, she is constantly exploring the figure in her work. Primarily using in oil paints, she often works in black and white to emphasize light and shadow within the human body. In her series, “Muse”, she simplifies the body to line work while still capturing the gesture of the form.  

Her latest series delves into a much more conceptual and experimental style as it consists of work on found bones. ”The Bone Series” began as an exploration of anatomical drawings which then evolved into actual bones being used as the primary medium. Each piece combines elements of geometric shapes, forms and color palettes found in nature in order to illustrate concepts of life and death simultaneously. The series aims to serve as a reminder of the density of life we are constantly surrounded by as well as its cyclical nature on both macro and micro levels. By reconstructing the bones within a frame, Lana asks the viewer to explore the figure’s relationship to bones that create it and the universe it which it resides. 

While working in many facets of the creative world, she continues to explore within her own artwork through painting, printmaking, photography, modeling and creative design.

LPP’s Dylan Johnson asked Lana a few questions about her inspiration and process within her paintings!


What was your first inspiration to start using bones as a medium?

I was sorting through old work from when I was still in school and came across all my old anatomy studies. I remembered how much I enjoyed drawing bones and skeletons so I started experimenting with incorporating them into my current work. One day my mom gave me a sacrum bone she had found while hiking in Half Moon Bay and I just thought it was so beautiful. It had been perfectly cleaned and bleach from the sun. Suddenly I had the idea of creating artwork on bones directly and the series took off from there.


Most of you earlier work uses a very limited color palette of black and white. Did your Bone series start of black and white or did you know you wanted to use color with this series?

I still find myself very inclined towards black and white in my artwork. I feel it captures light and form in a way that would otherwise be distracting if portrayed in color. However, with the Bone Series, I knew I wanted to contrast the bare, raw and minimal characteristics of the bones with imagery that felt dense, organic and full life. As such, bright color palettes seemed inherent to the concept.


You seem to reference space/galaxies throughout your series. Is astrology something you’re interested in or is it just a happy accident?

What drew me to the idea of incorporating galaxies and space to my work, was not so much its relation to astrology but rather the idea of portraying something both literally and conceptually so large on something so small and intrinsic to life itself. Bones are the infrastructure and when it comes down to it, the bare essentials of what makes up our bodies so contrasting that against cosmic imagery presents this idea of “life” in micro and macro forms.



What is your process when starting a new series of work?

Starting new work is always the biggest challenge for me. I think I spend the most time brainstorming and staring at blank canvases than the actual painting itself! I like to collect imagery and other sources of inspiration until I find an idea or medium that speaks to me.

Your Jellyfish series is beautiful. What drew you to the jellyfish and to juxtapose it to the female figure?

Thank you! The Jellyfish Series has been an ongoing body of work that started when I was in school. I’ve always been drawn to the fluidity and organic nature of jellyfish. There is something so captivating about their movement that also reminds me of the human form, specifically the female. To me they echo one another in the shapes they create so it only made sense to put them together in my artwork. Whenever I feel stuck or am in between other works, I return to this series as it remains a constant source of inspiration.



Session 2, Week 3!



Yay! Ski Week is over and everyone was back in class… It was so nice to have the whole gang back together, making the class feel lively and back to normal! This week we explored the work of Kenesha Sneed. She is an incredible painter and ceramist, hitting both last week’s project and this week’s. The kids seemed to take an instant interest in her work, excited to talk about what they saw in the pieces we presented. To check out some of her work yourself, click here.

This week’s design element was ‘texture’ and the project was constructing coil pots! As we already know from last session, the kids’ favorite medium to work in is definitely clay. The excitement was palpable. There was a definite difference in the capabilities from the younger kids to the bigger kids. The younger kids had a bit of trouble constructing the pots with the coils in a way they would stay… We helped and a lot of the end results look great! Most of the bigger kids had the advantage of having made coil pots before. They all surged ahead and had competitions of ‘biggest coil’ and ‘tallest pot’. We gave them the option of glazing their pieces, and surprisingly, a lot of the kids opted out and wanted to leave their pieces the color of the clay – Which I thought was pretty cool.

We are firing the pieces this weekend, I cannot wait to see what the final pieces look like. It’s as exciting for us to see as it for the kiddos to see!

We have session 3 listed, as well as all the summer camps! Click here to check them out – Early bird discount is still available! We also have a discounted price to siblings and friends if they sign up together. Email us with any questions!

Session 2, Week 2!


This week was a funny week. A lot of the kiddos’ schools were on vacation, so our classes were much smaller than normal. We got to work one on one with the kids and really chat with each one about art, life, goofy things. We started off by painting the plaster pieces they created last week. They used the knowledge they gained from learning about mixing colors to create the color schemes for their pieces. We only supplied primary colors, black and white… They made all of the others with their color guides by their sides to reference.

Next, we talked about the work of Jenni Rope and her company Napa Books. Jenni’s work tied into our plaster pieces, we showed some of her installations that had similar vibes. Our next project was to have the kiddos create their own flip books, so it was really great to show some of Napa Books’ examples to get them excited. If you want check out Jenni’s work, click here. And to check out Napa Books, click here.

The kids were very excited over creating their own flip books. They are certainly time consuming, so we will be working on them little by little at the beginning and end of the coming classes. I will upload some videos of final products.

Kelly and I look forward to welcoming back all the vacationing kids next week, so we can catch them up and move on to working with all of their favorite medium: clay!

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Kid’s Session 2, Week 1


We kicked off our second after-school session at LPP this week! We were so excited to learn that every kiddo from the first session will be continuing into our second, plus a few new faces. Both the Tuesday and Thursday classes have all grown comfortable and close to each other, so Kelly and I were happy to continue together.

This week, the kids were taught about the works of  Amy Sherald and, specifically, her use of color. Amy has an original way of incorporating colors into her portraits, using colorful flat backgrounds to create a bold contrast. To check out some of her works, including her amazing depiction of Michelle Obama, click here.

After talking about Amy’s work, we led the kiddos into an introductory look at color theory. Everyone had a palette with primary paints, red, yellow and blue. Together, we mixed secondary, tertiary and practiced shades and tints.

Next, the kids started the first of what will be a two-class project. We constructed shapes out of cardboard, some kids went with themes, some a bit more abstract. They then covered their shapes with plaster strips. Those pieces will dry and next week they will use their paint-mixing lesson to create their own range of colors to paint them with. They will then construct the shapes into a mobile to hang. We are excited how they take these shapes to the next level, next week!

We still have spots available in our summer camps. Click here for more information and to sign up!

Week 4 and Wrap-Up of Session 1!

Wow! We cannot believe our first 5 week session has already completed!

This week was our exhibition week, the previous week the kids worked on learning about block printing.


Last week we taught the kiddos about block printing through the works of Jen Hewitt. Jen is a local print maker, Little Paper Planes have been a big fan of hers for years. To check out her amazing works, click here. Jen works on textiles mainly, so it was fun to show the kiddos how some of the clothing they see every day was created through the very art they were learning that evening.

We taught the kids how to block print through drawing and carving on foam sheets, rather than carving lithograph blocks (safety). The kids took right to it, but had some difficulty finding the balance of too much ink/not enough/how to get their image printed the way they wanted. The littler kids were excited to see the results no matter how they looked. The bigger kids felt a bit of frustration with how many iterations it took to get it exactly how they had envisioned it. It was fun to work with them on the problem solving and adaptations they had to make each round. Overall, both kids created pieces they were happy with, some even adapting the project into one completely unique to themselves.


This week was our exhibition week! The kiddos presented all of their art to the friends and family in a gallery set up. But before parents arrived, the kids were asked to paint their favorite piece they had created over the session. This was fun to chat with each student while they reflected on what they learned, experienced and created over the past 5 weeks! When parents arrived, the kids each took a moment to talk about what medium they liked working with the most and why. It was nice to see each one gather enough confidence to have a moment in the spotlight.

Our next session starts next week with all of the kids from session 1 plus a few new faces! We are doing an entirely new curriculum and we are so excited to see what our little artists create in the coming weeks! Our presidents day camp and our next after-school session is full, but we have lots of availability in our summer camps.

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Kid’s After-School Program, Week 3



This was the third week of our after-school program. The kids learned about contemporary artist Nikki Maloof and her uses of space and composition. Through Nikki’s example, the kiddos made their own tapestry wall hangings. First creating a space, later adding a figure to create a unique composition. They used fabric markers and oil pastels on canvas. Kelly will later sew a dowel into the finished canvas pieces, ensuring a presentable piece for our gallery night!

The kids were the most creative we have seen them, thus far. They made pieces featuring women in history, flying nachos in space, turtle astronauts, dinosaurs, and a whole lot of cats. The goofy chatter and friendship connections continued from the previous week. It’s hard to tell who is having more fun, the kiddos or Kelly and I.

We are super excited for next week, as we will be working on block printing with the kids. It will also be our last week creating before our 5th week gallery night.

To check out this week’s artist, Nikki Maloof, click here. And don’t forget to check out the second session of the after-school program, president’s day camp, spring break and a heap of summer camps! You can see them all by clicking here.