Yasuyoshi Tokida

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Tokyo-based artist Yasuyoshi Tokida seeks a precise equilibrium in his carefully crafted woodblock prints.  Of his work, Tokida states:

“The sharp outlines of stencils and woodblock prints, the texture of the ink reflecting the woodgrain, and the white of the paper left behind from stencil masking all combine to produce ‘shape’. The process of bringing ‘shape’ to life is similar to that of collecting shells, driftwood and other flotsam from a beach: it’s a process of selecting, drawing and printing from among an infinite number of shapes. At each of these stages, the shapes – like shells at the water’s edge – become polished and change. My interest in these transformed ‘shapes’ forms the point of departure for my printmaking, and the confluence of shapes is one of my themes.” (translated by Japan Foundation  Sydney)

 To see more of Tokida’s work, visit his site.


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