Zak Prekop


Zak Prekop lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. To see more from Zak Prekop click here(Thomas Duncin Gallery) or if you are in the Los Angeles area visit Thomas Duncin Gallery between March 27 – April  25, 2015.

Mariko Okumura



Mariko Okumura is a Japanese artist and illustrator who works closely with Chiclin, a women’s clothing line and boutique in Tokyo, Japan. I stumbled across her work on the Mitsou_Chiclin instagram and was struck by the manner in which Mariko’s sketches complement and lend character to the featured clothing designs.

To see more of  Mariko’s work, please visit her website.

Johnny Abrahams


Johnny Abrahams lives and works in New York. To see more from Johnny Abrahams click here.


John McAllister

John McAllister

John McAllister

The work of John McAllister. All these images are from his exhibition, tides must exault, at James Fuentes in April 30 – June 1, 2014.

In this new body of work McAllister has increased the scale of his paintings, delving further into the relationship between color, pattern, and the sublime. His canvases depict interior spaces and scenes from the outdoors, often incorporating both within the same frame like overlapping photographs. McAllister’s interiors and their windows to the exterior are spaces for contemplation. They possess a familiarity derived from references to Modernist color-infused painting, and yet their interpretation of nature is timeless, a counterpoint to events that go on with or without us. As suggested by the title, tides must exalt, these works reflect on change and impermanence, yet they provide a site of stability from which the viewer is encouraged to luxuriate in their experience of the medium.

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Fred le Chevalier



One of my favorite things about living in Paris was stumbling upon the paste-paper graffiti art of Fred le Chevalier.  Primarily black and white, with bursts of red, these illustrative works always made my day and merited a photo.  Fred le Chevalier began pasting in the Marais, but quickly expanded throughout the city.  Dark, elegant, innocent and joyful; these images hold wonderful dualities in their graphic, looping forms.


p.s. The last image was just a block from my apartment- I biked by it every time I went to work…


To see more from Fred le Chevalier, click here.

Wendy White


Wendy White lives and works in New York, NY. To see more from Wendy white click here.

Yvonne Estrada



Yvonne Estrada was born in Bogota, Columbia and has lived in New York since 1980. Featured here are her drawings, done with gouache, watercolor, ball point pen and graphite. To see more of the artist’s work, including paintings and installations, please visit her website here.

Heath West


Heath West was born 1976, Houston, TX and lives and works in Houston. To see more from Heath West click here.


Colleen Heslin

Colleen Heslin

Colleen Heslin

The work of Colleen Heslin.

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Lieke van der Vorst



Netherlands-based illustrator Lieke van der Vorst draws inspiration from her daily life, depicting various charming scenes.  A touch of fantasy adds the whimsy that makes her illustrations especially endearing.  Who wouldn’t want to cook dinner with a peaceful warthog-friend?


To see more from Lieke, click here