Dave Hardy


Dave Hardy lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. To see more of his work click here.

Eric Trine “50 Sculptures for $50″ at Little Paper Planes on Friday



Erin O’Keefe


Erin O’Keefe is a visual artist and architect based in New York City and New Brunswick, Canada. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Cornell University and a Master of Architecture from Columbia University.

I am a visual artist and an architect, and my work is informed by both of these disciplines. My background in architecture is the underpinning for my art practice, providing my first sustained exposure to the issues and questions that I explore in my photographs. The questions that I ask through my work are about the nature of spatial perception, and the tools that I use to explore these issues are rooted in the abstract, formal language of making that I developed as an architect.

As a photographer, I am interested in the layer of distortion and misapprehension introduced by the camera as it translates three dimensional form and space into two dimensional image. This inevitable and often fruitful misalignment is the central issue in my practice.

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Elisa Noguera Lopez



In these photographs, ”objects, and living things are stripped of instrumentality, functionality and identity. Ones bounded in a symbiosis of materials, they yield to a non-hierarchical appeal of things.”

The artist writes:

I am interested in the relationship between looking and touching, surface, shapes materials and gestures. The softness of the animals, the heavy weight of the fabric and the geometry of the forms create a horizontal movement towards a new ‘sensorial thing’ with it’s own humorist vitality.

I work with the photographic because of its ability to create images which contain multiple disjunctive narratives. It is this quality that makes photographs easy to look and yet difficult to understand.

Elisa Noguera Lopez lives and works in London.  To see more of her work, click here.

Corita Kent

“Best known for the prismatic screen printing that she created during the 1960s and 70s, Sister Corita saw and celebrated God in everything around her, from carwashes to contemporary poetry. Aaron Rose, the director of Become A Microscope, a documentary about her work, described Sister Corita as a ‘positive West Coast alternative to Andy Warhol’. Unlike the more tortured and melancholic traditions found in Roman Catholic art, Sister Corita’s work is alive with humor and color-portraying ideology in populist, digestible ways and bending every day words into worship.” – L.A. Ronayne, Riposte Magazine

Corita Kent, also known as Sister Mary Corita Kent, was an artist and an educator who worked in Los Angeles and Boston. A Sister of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, she was the head of the Art Department at Immaculate Heart College until 1968.



Eben Goff


Eben Goff lives and works in Los Angeles. Goff works on the cusp of the natural and the minimalist, moving between painting and sculpture in exhibitions nationwide. -Diane Rosenstein Fine Arts

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SuTurno was founded in Madrid by Julia Vergara and Javier Gutierrez Bayo. We work on different design areas and media (fashion, interiors, graphics…).

We are specialists in print design and have worked in projects for international clients such as Marc by Marc Jacobs, Jocomomola by Sybilla, Baum und Pferdgarten, Norse Projects, Hoss Intropia, Zara Home, Loreak Mendian, Indiwoman, Hakei, Laga…

We also run our own brand, SuTurno, where our personal projects are carefully crafted in limited numbers by local artisans, combining quality natural materials and striking prints. All of our items are made in the EU.

To see more dreamy illustrations and installations from this dynamic duo, click here.

The Swimmers


“The Swimmers” / Limited Edition blouses and t-shirts collection made by Barbara Torrijos & Carla Fuentes of Littleisdrawing.  To see more of Carla’s work, click here.  To see more from Barbara or to buy the clothes, click here.

Sky Glabush


Born in Alert Bay in 1970. Lives and works in London, Ontario.   Sky Glabush’s multifaceted practice concerns ways in which gesture and biography grapple with art history—particularly high Modernist painting—as well as with architecture and spirituality. Primarily a painter, Glabush studied art at the University of Saskatchewan and had early success with abstract work, which led to a residency in the Netherlands and several subsequent years in Amsterdam, where he began to paint local architecture. He returned to Canada, where he received an MFA at the University of Alberta in Edmonton in 2006; upon graduating, he got a teaching job at the University of Western Ontario in London, and did a series of large-format landscapes of local mid-century houses that recalled Jack Chambers and Lionel LeMoine FitzGerald. More recent work has strayed from such classicism to explore tentative, expressionist actions in a variety of media. -Canadian Art

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Helmo is a graphic design studio based in France, comprised of design duo Thomas Couderc and Clément Vauchez.



Identity for Palais de Tokyo

Identity for Palais de Tokyo


"White Light"

“White Light”


Program design for Gaîté Lyrique

Program design for Gaîté Lyrique


Identity for Centre Chorégraphique National de Rillieux-la-Pape


Poster series for Pronomade 2011

Poster series for Pronomade 2011


Poster series for Pronomade 2010

Poster series for Pronomade 2010


Program for Pronomade 2012

Program for Pronomade 2012


Promotional brochure for Pronomade 2012

Promotional brochure for Pronomade 2012