Emily Burtner


Emily Burtner is an artist living and working in Philadelphia, PA. She paints, embroiders, draws, and collages, and makes jewelry and zines for her shop. You can see more of her work here.

*all images from artist’s website

Salihah Moore



Salihah Moore is an artist and designer of hand beaded jewelry and wall hangings.

Gathering inspiration from textiles and contemporary design, Salihah strives to make new the ancient craft of weaving seed beads together. Although she’ll have moments of vision in color palette or pattern, most of her creations form naturally from the making process and are not premeditated.

Originally from California, Salihah developed a deep love affair with the ocean, sand, flora and fauna of the Pacific coast. Working with the seed beads reminds her of sifting through sand grains as a child and being in awe of the hues and variations.

All weavings are hand sewn with needle, thread, Czech and Japanese glass seed beads.

Every piece is hand-made from her home studio in Boulder, Colorado including the gold fill ear wires.

To see more of her beautiful work, click here.

Caroline Larsen

caroline larsen

The work of Brooklyn-based artist Caroline Larsen.  From her most recent solo show Kabloom! at The Hole in New York:

In oil paintings that experiment with icing-thick and even woven paint application, she explores flowers and plants, car crashes and mountain ranges as her subjects.  Dispensing paint through a pastry tube with varying nibs, Larsen is able to line, layer and weave colors together, sometimes blending them within the same extrusion. This technique can produce a variety of effects, from 8-bitish pointillism in the weaves to a sort of jewel-like sculptural relief in the plants, or a tessellated warping mesh grid in the hybrid works. 

To see more of her work, click here

*all images from artist’s site

Tim Gardner


Tim Gardner is an American-born artist living and working in Black Creek, Canada. His work depicts life in nature in the northern reaches of America and Canada. You can see more of his work here.

*All images from artist’s website

SF Art Book Fair


We are pleased to be participating in the inaugural San Francisco Art Book Fair! Little Paper Planes will join 70+ other publishers, artists and booksellers for the inaugural event of an annual multi-day festival of artists’ publications. The fair includes artists’ books, art catalogs, monographs, periodicals, zines, printed ephemera, and artists’ multiples presented by independent publishers, antiquarian dealers, artists, collectors, and enthusiasts, as well as a diverse range of programs and live performances.

The mission of the fair is to foster the unique art publishing community of the Bay Area while providing a platform for national and international publishers to exhibit their work to a new audience.

1275 Minnesota Street is a 35,000 square-foot building in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood that houses 11 galleries, temporary exhibitions spaces, a media room, and a cafe.

1275 Minnesota Street, San Francisco CA 94107

Saturday, July 23rd: 11am – 6pm  

Sunday, July 24th: 11am – 5pm

Preview on Friday, July 22nd:  6pm – 10pm


We will debut several new publications and editions from our 2016 Artists-In-Residence, in addition to a selection of our in-house publications.

Miranda Lorikeet

miranda lorikeet

Miranda Lorikeet is an illustrator based in Sydney, Australia.  She often works under the moniker “Lazy Bones” and uses Microsoft Paint as her primary medium.  To see more of her roses, lady nudes and sunset-filled world, click here.

Ruth Laskey

ruth laskey

The woven work of artist Ruth Laskey.  The above pieces are part of her ongoing Twill Series in which each piece is hand-woven with hand-dyed linen.

Check out her work, alongside work by Ara Peterson and Noam Rappaport, at Ratio 3 gallery in San Francisco through August 13th.

To see more of her work, click here

*all images from artist’s site

Denis Cherim


Denis Cherim is a photographer living and working in Spain. His career consists mostly of wedding photography, but there is an understated, unique vision in his personal work. This personal vision also comes through his commercial subjects as well. You can see more of his work here.

* All images from denischerim.info

Laura Rokas


Laura Rokas is a Quebec-born artist living and working in San Francisco, CA. She works with paint, ceramics, and embroidery, playing with the dimensionality of her subjects. You can find more of her work here.

*All images from laurarokas.com

Brooke DiDonato


Brooke DiDonato is a photographer based in New York City.

Her work seeks to illustrate the narratives of the psyche by pairing common human experiences with uncanny visual elements. She is influenced by the subconscious and its correlation to emotions and perceptions.

Born and raised in Ohio, Brooke received her BA in photojournalism from Kent State University in 2012.

To see more of her work, click here.