Javier Martin



Javier Martin is a visual artist who has developed most of his works in painting & in sculpture. He uses fashion portraits often taken by him to compose his artwork. Martin also uses a mixture of techniques that involve digital prints as part of his trademark.

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Joss McKinley


Joss McKinley (born 1981) is a British photographer and filmmaker. He lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

He is both an art and commercial photographer and his works consist of still life, landscapes and portraits.  Exhibitions of his photographs have been seen worldwide and most notably at his solo show in the Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam in 2012. His work has been collected by several leading public museums including the Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam and The National Portrait Gallery, London.

McKinley works on assignments for publications including The New Yorker, The New York Times, T Magazine, WSJ Magazine, W Magazine, AnOther Magazine, Vogue, Hermes & Dior.

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Bio from www.jossmckinley.com

Evie Cahir


Evie Cahir is an illustrator currently living and drawing in West Melbourne.

Her work jumps back and forth between carefully rendered watercolor still lives and loosely drawn portraits of cartoon characters—often the two collide, sharing space on in the same ‘brain dump’ or ‘snack pack’. She also does some very cute dog portraits.


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Laolu was born and raised in Ilorin, Nigeria to Yoruba parents, which is what made his art what it is. Based in Brooklyn, Laolu is a visual artist, musician, human rights lawyer and activist. His mottos is: “Everything is my Canvas” and he truly takes it to heart. Laolu puts his mark on everything from canvas, to shoes, to walls and buildings, to clothing and even the body with his Sacred Art of the Ori.

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Camila Falquez


Camila Falquez was born in Mexico City, raised in Barcelona, and now splits her time between New York City and Barcelona. Camila, a former ballet dancer, turned to photography as her method of communication. The above images are from her work titled Humanidad aqui arriba. 

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Jude Jelfs




Jude Jelfs is a ceramicist based in Gloucestershire, England.  Her work is mainly figurative in earthenware, porcelain, and stoneware with some soda-fired pieces. Jelfs also makes figurative sculpture in bronze.  Together with her husband, ceramics artist John Jelfs, they run a shared studio and gallery space called the Cotswold Pottery.

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Tamara Orjola


Artist Tamara Orjola grew up in Latvia and attended the Design Academy in Eindhoven, NL.

Her series “Forest Wool” explores constructive uses for the pine needles left over from the European timber industry.  With standard manufacturing techniques – crushing, soaking, steaming, carding, binding and pressing – they can be transformed into textiles, composites and paper, extracting essential oil and dye in the process. An elegant series of stools and carpets made of nothing but pine needles, shows that this ecological material also has a high-quality look and feel to it.

The carafes from her series “8/9/89″ are designed to be easily useable by individuals with osteoporosis or arthritis, while remaining aesthetically elegant.

“Inbetween” is a tea set which consists of 5 layers. Each layer has a different shape and function but they all belong to the same ritual and can be reunited together in one composition.  It’s form was inspired by the onion, who’s innermost layer is an entirely different shape than the outermost, yet all fit together seamlessly.

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Stephanie Hare


“A fibrous alchemist of sorts, Stephanie Hare is a papermaker exploring the techniques and nuances of the Kozo fiber, a bark harvested from the Paper Mulberry tree. [...] She is currently creating a collection of paper products focused on the contrasting unique tones of bleached whites and dark pigmented shades of blue. [... ] Entirely by hand, the fibers undergo a transformation of reverence. They are cooked, cleaned, and laid in the snow to bleach naturally in the winter sun, or pigmented to create rich hues of color. The fibers are beaten by hand and suspended in a vat filled with water, then put into motion with a swirl of the hand. Often, specks of silver or gold leaf, or wisps of small feathers are churned into the mix, as the vat morphs into a new kinetic composition. A dip of the mould and deckle below the surface swiftly collects a sheet of pulp as the water shimmies back into the vat. The sheet is then pressed and transferred to glass to dry.  Illuminated by the sunlight, the unique formations of the long Kozo fibers are brought to life, suspended in motion.  Handmade paper illuminated.”

All images and text from Stephanie Hare.

Allison Honeycutt


Allison Honeycutt is a fine artist and art director based in Los Angeles, California. Allison works in a variety of media most notably works on paper, fiber sculpture and installation. In her art she honors the beauty of awkwardness, tactility, and humor above all. The work shown above is from her ‘Flesh Suit’ installation.

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Zoë Buckman



Zoë Buckman is a multi-disciplinary artist working in sculpture, installation, and photography, exploring themes of Feminism, mortality, and equality. These images are from her exhibition, Every Curve, shown at Papillion Art in L.A. in 2016. Every Curve explores the contradictory and complimentary influences of Feminism and Hip-Hop in her upbringing.

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