The Thingness of Color, a group exhibition with four artists: Sarah Cain, Franklin Evans, Matthew Rich, Cordy Ryman.

This exhibition at Dodge Gallery in NYC looks like a perfect show for spring with bursts of color coming from all directions. The show runs from April 2 through May 8.

Color is an unfixed property that is influenced by light, context, and the perception of the beholder. The notion that color is something that cannot be proven, given the relativity of its shifting nature, is fascinating. Albers made color live; through simplistic abstractions he impressed upon the viewer the action of color, the vibrations and manifestations of color fields that are activated by a kind of meditative, pointed focus. If color is impacted by context and is itself active, how does it exist as an object, a thing? The Thingness of Color is a bright, playful investigation of the object-hood of color. Each of the artists invited to participate in the exhibition address color as a physical entity, whether literally shaping space with color, or working with color as shape.

All images and italicized text is from the Dodge Gallery


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