“The Course”, A Project by Rachel Salomon O’Meara

Lights Print (etching)

LPP artist Rachel Salomon O’Meara is fund-raising for a project called “The Course”.  It is a multi-media performance about competitive, aggressive, forward moving characters that in reality are repeating variations of their actions. This piece is in progress and will feature projected animation, live performance and music. She is looking to raise $10,000 to pay the animator, choreographer and musicians working on “The Course”. For each donation you will receive original artwork created for the project.  The more you donate the more goodies you get like prints, silkscreens, drawings and stickers.  $10,000 neds to be pledged by next Tuesday the 18th for the project to be funded.  Luckily Rachel already has almost $7,000 pledged.  Check out the project donation page here.

Rachel on LPP.
Ms. Salomon O’Meara’s site.


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