Nicolas Lamas

Estructuras Asistematicas (Unsystematic Structures)
Balsa wood, cardboard, paper, thread, photo printing

Estructuras de Control (Control Structures)
deerskin, glass eye, plant, aluminum structures

feet of birds, branches, wood and bronze plaque

80 x 55 cms. inkjet print

Nicolas Lamas lives and works in Lima, Peru and has also studied in Barcelona. His work organizes scientific knowledge in such a way to visualize the ongoing clash between nature and artifice, between reality and fiction.

Nicolas is primarily interested in exposing the artifice that is implicit in any system of representation of living forms, revealing–and not concealing–the falsehood inherent to the construction of knowledge in modern times. He questions the logic applied to classification systems, including the management of collections at museums of natural history, as well as their predecessors, the cabinets of curiosities of the seventeenth century.

Nicolas borrows the bones used in his works from the natural history museum in Lima, and then constructs an exhibition as an artificial habitat inert to natural processes. His digital collages are also stitched together from antiquated illustrations found in online libraries. He views these new assemblages of fragments as “manifestations of nature expanded. ”

All images depict work from Nicolas’ solo show Museum of Natural History last year at Lucia de la Puente Gallery.


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1 Pablo Salazar CalderónNo Gravatar { 06.27.12 at 10:56 pm }

Una de mis piezas favoritas.

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