Meet Cathleen Bishop : Macrame Plant Hanger Workshop on 10/29


LPP is so excited to have Cathleen Bishop join us on Sunday 10/29 to teach a fun workshop on how to make a macrame plant hanger. This workshop is sold out, but keep your eyes peeled for a fun announcement from LPP on how to learn how to make macrame plant hangers soon! And keep reading to learn a bit more about Cathleen!

Cathleen Bishop is an artist and graphic designer based in San Francisco, CA. She grew up in San Diego and moved to the city to complete her degree. Here, she is able to pursue her passions in culturally and technically diverse surroundings. It has been her goal over the past year to experiment with alternative techniques and expand her creative arsenal. On her days off, you’ll find her hiking with her puppy, Willow, tending to her plants, or harnessing a new skill. She never leaves the house without a sketchbook and a sweater, but often leaves without her phone. Bishop’s artistic passions lie in illustration, photography, layout, typography, fiber arts, and printmaking. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Design from University of San Francisco in 2016.

You can view more of Cathleen’s work by clicking here.

What is your favorite part of creating/making?
I love to work with my hands. I spend a lot of time on the computer and it’s a really nice break to move my eyes away from the screen and get my hands dirty. With macrame, I utilize muscles and tendons in my hands that I don’t normally. When working on a large scale piece, I get to get my whole body into it. Making is a way for me to disconnect from technology while reconnecting with myself. And then of course there’s the finished piece. There’s a lot of satisfaction in stepping back from something that I had my nose up in and now I can see the whole picture. Plop a plant in a new hanger “et voila!” it’s finished.
What is your favorite music to listen to while making?
Sometimes I like to work in the quiet. It’s kind of cathartic to just listen to the sounds of the going-ons in my apartment. When I do listen to music, I like to pop something on the record player rather than use my computer.
Favorite taqueria in the mission?
La Taqueria, obviously. Order your burrito “dorado” for a crispy tortilla. I also really like Tacorgasmico in the Castro. The gorditas are insanely good.
Favorite piece you’ve made so far in 2017?
My sister in law is expecting her first kiddo and she commented on Instagram about a plant hanger I had made. She said that she loved it and “might have to ask for one for the nursery”. Months later I gave it to her at the baby shower and she was so touched that I had remembered her request. I love giving handmade gifts to family and friends.


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