LPP Staff Favorites

Still need a little help finding that perfect something? (Or maybe a link to a little something for you.) Kelly, Hilary and Lizzy are happy to share some of their top picks and some insight into their personal taste (sprinkled with cats, of course).

From top left: Mom Pins by Gracia Lam, Brion Nuda Rosch Book, Shaman III by Michelle Blade, Exclusive Print 3 by Conteleta, Colors and Shapes Necklace by Shen Plum, Elina Minn Triptych (exclusive to LPP), Nathalie Chikhi Zine by Pikaland, Cat’s Eyes Shirt by No Star.

Kelly explains about her choices, “With my selection I wanted to highlight my interest in the abstract, the absurd and the magical.  I am drawn to pieces that extract from the vernacular and represent it in a new way that creates questions rather than answers and clues rather than the whole story.”

From top left: Power Over Kitties Print by Sarah McNeil, Mountain Starscape Print by Scott Parry, Gaia Print by Brandi Strickland, Ipomoea Print by Yu-I Chan, Remastering the Anthology of American Folk Music Print by Jesse Kauppila, Clementine Print by Kate Diago, Owl Lady Card Set by Katy Horan, Helen Ireland Print by Erin Gilkes, Chotto Omoshiroi Zine by Pikaland.

Hilary says, “I enjoy pieces that either make me laugh with their cleverness and cuteness, resonate with my Japanese bent or else relate to some quiet sense of universal knowing and being, like owl ladies, magical landscapes and nostalgic portraits.  I like to see the process on the page.  As a printmaker I am deep into the tactile aspect of art; I love metal, paper and ink and hand-pulled prints. I love Jesse’s engravings for that and for their marriage to the music world.”

From top left: Untitled (face/arm) by Nick Lu, Let’s Go to the Park Zine by Aijung Kim, Egg Nog and Rum Card by Pinecone and Chickadee, 700 Dogs in a Trailer Print by Liz Riccardi, Keeping Print by Dana Oldfather, Nose Wings Shirt by No Star, Fat Man Holding Popsicle Print by Gavin Bunner.

Lizzy shares a love of the straightforwardly absurd.  She says of Man Holding Popsicle, “My favorite print of all time!!! He looks so sad but he’s holding a giant popsicle, so obviously he’s not sad!”  Her other picks, Egg Nog and Rum Card, Nose Wings Shirt and 700 Dogs in a Trailer obviously share this same laugh.   Lizzy also enjoys Aijungs Kim’s zines: “This gift is perfect for all ages.  Its small, delicate, and has beautiful illustrations.”  And she says of Dana Oldfather’s prints, “The color is beautiful and the image doesn’t consume the page allowing the viewer to breathe a little.”


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