Green Thumb

Spring is here and many are heading outside to spend some quality time in there gardens. Therapeutic and revitalizing grow a little green this spring.

From the top: Forever & Ever Print by Ashkahn on LPP ($35), Abby Hat ($48), Chalkboard Garden Labels ($24),
Okubu Shears ($38), Tin Twine Dispenser ($15), “Grow Your Own Vegetables In Pots,” by Deborah Schneebeli Morell ($19.95), Small Planting Tool Set ($108), Heirloom Seed Collection($25), Stacked Pools Planter ($98),
Pods Planter Version 1.0 Half Skirt ($164), Lemon Utility Watering Can ($34), Pocket Pruner ($38), Alyssa Nassner Print 1 Terrarium on LPP ($225), Cultivate Garden Cart ($148), 1/2 inch 50 ft. Soaker Hose ($11.97), Ethel’s Fleur-de-lis Gloves ($22),
Pom Pom Obelisk ($148), Tina Wooly Pocket Planter ($20)


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