Curated Walls – Featuring Michelle Blade’s Collection

Little Paper Planes is a community comprised of artists and collectors alike, where the line is blurred between the collector and the collected. To celebrate our artists, patrons and well-decorated walls everywhere LPP is launching Curated Walls where we peek into peoples homes to see who, what, how and why people collect art.

Our first featured collector is Michelle Blade, an LPP visual and conceptual artist living and working in the Bay Area. In the winter of 2009, Michelle opened Sight School in Oakland, an alternative space dedicated to encouraging the dialogue around the connections between art and life. Michelle’s prints are available here on LPP. Here’s a peek at her walls.

Name/ Location/ Occupation

Michelle Blade
Artist, curator, teacher
Oakland, CA

What is your experience in collecting art?  When did you start?  What did you start with?

My art collection began before I even knew it was happening. Most pieces came into my hands through trading with friends/loved ones or given as gifts. Around the time I was in grad school (circa 2006 – 2008) I noticed I was acquiring an interesting group of works and so I started trading more and more often. The first piece I officially purchased was by Erin Allen for $20 at a 111 Minna drawing night. It was gorgeous and such a steal.

What is important for you to feel in your space?

That home is a reflection and extension of myself.

Do you create a theme, a color scheme and buy art that fits into that or do you buy what strikes your fancy and arrange later?

I go with my instinct. It’s a combination of personal taste, going with my gut and being confident that a broader narrative will emerge over time.

Who/what are your favorites?  Please highlight some key pieces from your collection.

Every piece is a favorite but a few of the pieces are linked to really lovely memories and therefor have become anchors in my collection. Those pieces are by Lindsey White, Jason Kalogiross, Zac Rossman, Christine Wong Yap, Kyle Mock, Chris Duncan and James Bradley. The James Bradley piece is a drawing that says “I Love the Moon Mainly For It’s Escapist Qualities”.  The simplicity of it and the way it was given to me makes it one of my favorites.

Visit Michelle’s website.


1 sarah hemmNo Gravatar { 06.01.11 at 3:54 pm }

Great idea, I love looking at people’s collections and how they arrange them.

2 adam c.No Gravatar { 06.01.11 at 11:44 pm }

rad idea.

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[...] am loving the new Little Paper Planes site and their features like Curated Walls.Take a peek at peoples personal art [...]

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