Beats: Product Look Book by Guest Curator Pauline Hisbacq

Our new product Look Book was curated by Pauline Hisbacq. Hisbacq is a photographer who  lives and works in Paris. She takes photos of “signs and cause of the party, the night, between distance and nostalgia.” She has crafted a series of photographs exclusively for this LPP look book along side carefully curated LPP products. As a tangible accompaniment to the look book we will be offering a photo post card from the series that ships free with all orders (in an edition of 50).

(All Photos by Pauline Hisbacq)

Beats is a collection of pictures related to the idea of party. This is about desire and frustration, distance and melancolia. I photograph signs and motives, flowers as bodies, quiet moment as a scene for my feelings and memory. Not a narrative project, neither a diary, it’s about visual poetry, sensuality of looking and catching.

LPP Products:

1. Hippie Cowboy Print by Theodora Allen

2. Light Rock Sculpture by Kara Joslyn

3. Wildflower Photograph by Rachel Wolfe

4. Red Porch Swing Print by Cori Kindred

5. Print 5 by Jazmin Berakha

6. A Cigarette by Megan Whitmarsh

7. Pessymysticism Print by Justin Nelson

8. Nothing Without a Cowboy Print by Anthony Zinonos

9. Unwavering Lights Print by Brandi Strickland

10. Eve of God Print by Brandi Strickland

11. Winter Window Sun Print by Hilary Copeland-Glenn

-Curated by Pauline Hisbacq


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