Wardrobe Snacks


Wardrobe Snacks is an on-going collaboration between between San Francisco-based photographer Kelsey McClellan and Columbus-based photographer, art director and stylist Michelle Maguire.  Their creative partnership is called Terrence Caviar.

Wardrobe Snacks was inspired by diners lacking the luxury of being seated at a table: Michelle’s stepdad who rests his sandwich on his thigh (hell with a plate!) in between bites while he blasts an action movie on his TV; a commuter cramped up on a crowded bus retrieving an item from a bag or pocket; a lunch-breaker on a park bench eating from her lap. They’re informal — perhaps even a bit awkward — spaces as far as eating is concerned, yet the diner always appears to be comfortable and perfectly satisfied with his chosen snack, almost zen-like.


art direction/styling: Michelle Maguire 

photography: Kelsey McClellan


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