The Seven Vertices: LPP Online Exhibition (10/17-11/23/2011)

Programme curated by Victoria Keddie

Artists: Jon Santos, Liz Wendeblo, Alyssa Taylor Wendt, Tim Geraghty, Michael Robinson, and Sadek Bazaraa

The programme consists of seven artists with seven alternate, perceptive realities. Each artist welcomes the viewer into a fantastical, non-linear, patterned and psychotropic universe. A vertex is the meeting point of two planes. Seven vertices make up the heptahedron, a geometric shape that can transform into a number of different forms, or topologies such as the hexagonal pyramid and the pentagonal prism. For the context of this programme, each work articulates a point between two reflective visual and visceral planes amidst an evolving geometry of light, form, narrative, and sound.

Artists, Jon Santos, Liz Wendelbo Alyssa Taylor Wendt, Tim Geraghty, Michael Robinson, Sadek Bazaraa, and Katherine Bauer make up the virtual heptahedron. In Jon Santos‘ Delay Chamber, the viewer detracts from the everyday ritual of washing laundry into a pattern of choreographed motions and sounds from the inside, out. Liz Wendelbo’s, Sets & Lights VI, explores the notions of time, memory, and thought narratives in a sequence of slow motions. In, Trifecta: The Armature of Three Spheres, a cloaked guide leads the audience into a fantastical world as he wanders through a vast and varied northern lcelandic landscape. Tim Geraghty creates a kaleidoscope of visions of Rome through crystals. Michael Robinson uses the portal of a television set in an episode of Full House to penetrate through to another universe, and Sadek Bazarra, celebrates psychotropia in ancient Egypt. Katherine Bauer journeys into a bizarre underworld of alchemy, crystals, black magic, and glitter. Through projected light, the artists have engineered a surrealist landscape, openly questioned perception, and thus have led us further into the looking glass.

To view all the works in the exhibition: The Seven Vertices

Victoria Keddie is a curator, archivist, and artist based in New York City. She is an Associate Director at Salon 94 Gallery. She holds a MA in Museum Studies from NYU, with a concentration on Ephemeral and Time -Based Media collections. She is a founding member of the film-based collective, Optipus, and is on the programming committee of The Archivist Roundtable of NYC, and a member of Association of Moving Image Archivists and the Association of Recorded Sound. Her work has been exhibited internationally in addition to public speaking.


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