The Real and the Represented

The Real and the Represented
Artists: Leanne Eisen, Erika Lynne Hanson, Bradley Hyppa, Hector Llanquin, Tom Pnini, and Clement Valla
For online viewing from July 18-August 26, 2011

Little Paper Planes’ premiere online exhibition, Series Circuit, was themed around notions of multiples, collectable, and affordable objects of art. The objects existed in an actual exhibition space, though for the majority of its viewers, were experienced solely through online representation. For the second exhibition, we have decided to concentrate on this important facet of LPP, online art and accessibility. Here, we will turn from material objects of art and their digital representation, to digital technology as the artworks themselves.

The mediated experience of artwork is often an attempt to represent something and to communicate and share the experience of that something. Traditionally this representation has occurred in paintings, drawings, sculpture, and the hand-made. With the advent of photography, traditional modes of representation were re-examined, and new questions arose surrounding ideas of what was indeed real, and what was representational. Today again, in many parts of the world, we find ourselves in an era of an ever-expanding digital media, where the possibilities for exploration of this media are seemingly endless.

Boundaries are again blurred between the real and the represented. The represented in many ways, has become the understood real. For example, we must constantly remind ourselves that many artists’ websites are not showing the work itself, but rather representations of the real. For this exhibit, I wanted to showcase works that exist primarily through digital means. Here, the online experience does not create a distance, but rather provides the experience of the work itself, where the represented is the real.

(From top to bottom: Leanne Eisen, Tom Pnini, Hector Llanquin, Erika Lynne Hanson, Clement Valla and Bradley Hyppa)

For more information on the artists and to view the full exhibition, visit The Real and the Represented.


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