The MINI Interview with BIG Exclusive Artist: Samantha Hahn

I am wondering how you view yourself as an artist. Is it something that just is or something you sought out.
Is being an artist part of your day job or do you support yourself some other way? What does being an artist mean to you, how it is a part of your everyday and how it influences your choices and navigation throughout life?

Name: Samantha Hahn
Website: and

As a child there was nothing I loved more than drawing all day.Today, I structure my life around my passion. I can’t imagine it any other way. The pace of my life/work is as I like it, fast and challenging. I think of illustration projects like problems to solve. Working with clients can be as fulfilling as coming up with my own ideas and pushing myself to explore. I strive to strike a balance between commercial projects and fine art projects.

Thanks Samantha! Also make sure to check out her home featured on Design Sponge!

Samantha Hahn Print 2

Samantha Hahn Print 1


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