The MINI Interview with BIG Exclusive Artist: Pete Watts


When I sit down at my desk in my studio to work on something, the first thing I do is turn music on. Music is essential for my practice. I find certain bands are extremely inspiring where I actually see pieces of work in my head while listening which is pretty special. Please share with us your music collection that inspires you or the sounds that get you excited to make something. What is your relationship to music? Share photos of your collection or anything that relates with music and making.

Name: Pete Watts
Location: Brooklyn, NY

Music and art are pretty inextricably linked in my creative process- two sides of the same coin. The relationship between the visual and aural is really interesting to me, what can and can’t be expressed through the different mediums. Doing art/visuals for bands has always been one of my favorite and most fruitful creative scenarios. My studio soundtrack varies pretty dramatically, but lately I’ve been tending to listen to a lot X (a LOT of X), Sun City Girls, Delicate Steve, the Minutemen, Stereolab, Thin Lizzy, Wu-Tang, Black Flag, Dead Prez, Belle and Sebastien, Steve Reich, Big Troubles, My Bloody Valentine, Guided By Voices, Moon Duo, Clash, People Get Ready, and the as-yet untitled new Fang Island album (soooo gooood), among many, many others. If i’m in a period of playing/writing more of my own music, I tend to listen to a lot less of it, and get onto a pretty heavy regimen of NPR/WNYC (especially Radiolab), BBC World Service, and bad sitcom’s that don’t require you to look in order to follow the plot.

Thanks Pete!

Delicate Steve

Minute Men


Fang Island

Pete Watts Print 1

Pete Watts Print 2


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