The MINI Interview with BIG Exclusive Artist: Jessica Cannon

Jessica’s Studio

Workspace/Headspace/Tools. These three things are crucial for artists. Our environment has to be perfect for making work. The word perfect is subjective and means something entirely different to each person and is extremely personal. I know that I need a clean and organized house and studio for my mind to be open with starting a new project. Tell us a little bit about your workspace, headspace and tools.

Name: Jessica Cannon
Location: Brooklyn, NY

A few months ago I moved into a studio in Gowanus, Brooklyn. I love the building and location – it’s down the block from the Kentile Floors sign, a local landmark. I’m neighbors with Matt Jensen, a super-talented artist and friend. Matt is great at finding mysterious objects out in the world and will often leave souvenirs in my workspace. I like to have a clean environment to start and end with and then lose track and let things pile up in the middle.

I recently came upon this piece of sidewalk that looked like it had a planet embedded in it. My ideal headspace would be one that is open to seeing that kind of thing. Sometimes I like music, sometimes complete quiet. In the summer I like to listen to baseball games on the radio.

One tool that has become important to me is a book of used paper palettes that I started saving a few years ago. Sometimes when mixing paint or working on more than one piece at a time I’ll notice marks or colors on the palette that I really like but wouldn’t have arrived at intentionally. I also like to have a lot of work out and easily accessible because I’ve found that rearranging and regrouping can inform the process in unexpected ways.

Jessica Cannon Print 1

Jessica Cannon Print 2

Thanks Jessica for sharing! – Kelly Lynn Jones

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1 DeborahNo Gravatar { 08.11.11 at 4:39 pm }

Wow. Very impressive. Your work is both visually exciting and quite interesting to contemplate. Thanks so much for sharing, and best wishes with your career.

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