The MINI Interview with BIG Exclusive Artist: Jeremy Miranda

Name: Jeremy Miranda
Location: Salem, MA

Our location and environment is often a huge influence on how we respond visually within our art practice. The things around us subconsciously seep into our everyday. I am interested in how your location affects you. Talk about where you live and what you love about your place and how you think it might influence how you create work? Do you have an ideal place you wish you could escape to for art making?

I live in the North shore area of Massachusetts. What I love about this area is the the ocean and how its shaped all the historic seaside towns that dot the coast. A lot of the towns here date back to around 1660 so the architecture is old and varies in style. I am drawn to the more rustic, decayed buildings who’s function and what may be inside remain a mystery. I try and use a lot of the architectural elements, textures along with the different coastal locations to create new spaces that are similarly long in the tooth from a troublesome history.

My ideal place to escape and make work would be a small modern structure along the California coast (big sur maybe?)

Thanks so much! – Kelly

Jeremy Miranda Print 1

Jeremy Miranda Print 2


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