The MINI Interview with BIG Exclusive Artist Jen Renninger

(Photos: Top to Bottom: bio pic from my website sums it all up, drawing from high school that reminds me of the drawing I watched my uncle working on as a child and painting in pre-school)

Name: Jen Renninger
Location: Florida

I can never remember a time when I was not making art. The moment I picked up a crayon I started drawing. For me, being an artist was never a choice, it is just who I am. I am wondering how you view yourself as an artist. Is it something that just is or something you sought out.

It’s definitely something that was formulated as a small child. One of my first memories was actually watching my uncle draw. From that moment forward I wanted to draw the way he did. It just seemed magical to me.

Is being an artist part of your day job or do you support yourself some other way?

I’m a freelance illustrator and have been for almost 15 years now. I consider myself very lucky to get to do what I love each day.

What does being an artist mean to you, how it is a part of your everyday and how it influences your choices and navigation throughout life?

It’s funny how the answer to this has evolved over the years. I used to feel that being an artist was about expressing something from inside, getting these ideas that I have in my head out into the world. As I’ve gotten older I realize the additional aspect to that is the connection I make with other people through the things I make. I might do the work for myself originally, but the gifts I get back (the friendships made and the touching letters I’ve gotten from people who have my work hanging in their homes) surpasses anything I felt making the things I make. Human connection is the killer ap!

Thanks Jen! – Kelly Lynn Jones

Jen Renninger's Print 1

Jen Renninger's Print 2


1 JillNo Gravatar { 08.27.11 at 8:58 pm }

Jen’s work is always so inspiring! I love the way she connects the dots for all of by expressing universal truths that we all love to see and hear.

2 janetNo Gravatar { 08.30.11 at 12:23 am }

i couldn’t agree more! i literally feel grateful to have discovered her amazing work because in very real terms, it has improved my soul!

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