The MINI Interview with BIG Exclusive Artist: Cortney Cassidy

When I sit down at my desk in my studio to work on something, the first thing I do is turn music on. Music is essential for my practice. I find certain bands are extremely inspiring where I actually see pieces of work in my head while listening which is pretty special. Please share with us your music collection that inspires you or the sounds that get you excited to make something. What is your relationship to music? Share photos of your collection or anything that relates with music and making.

Name: Cortney Cassidy
Location: San Francisco

Did you know that there are people who don’t like music? yeah. I’m not those people. I would be a very sad person. Music, both listening and playing, is immensely therapeutic for me. It is one of the only environmental influences that I consciously allow to affect me. My mood, state of mind, energy level, even decision making.

Here are several youtube playlists of some of my favorite songs: Here

Thanks Cortney!

Cortney Cassidy Print 1

Cortney Cassidy Print 2


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