The MINI Interview with BIG Exclusive Artist: Caitlin Foster

Workspace/Headspace/Tools. These three things are crucial for artists. Our environment has to be perfect for making work. The word perfect is subjective and means something entirely different to each person and is extremely personal. I know that I need a clean and organized house and studio for my mind to be open with starting a new project. Tell us a little bit about your workspace, headspace and tools.

Name: Caitlin Foster
Location: Brooklyn, NY

Natural light is really important to me! I only have windows on both ends of my apartment so I usually work either in my bedroom or kitchen. That being said, I make it a point to make it accessible for me to be able to make my work; I bring a drawing to work on while waiting for the subway, or when I have downtime at work. When I take the train to visit my family, I work on drawings when the train is stopped. Larger drawings can only be done at home and are treated more delicately, but overall I try to keep my work mobile when I can. My favorite place to work is in my bedroom, where I have a big terrarium as a headboard for my bed. It’s a nice thing to be able to look over my shoulder and see.
The only important thing I need aside from light is something to keep me occupied and interested. I listen to NPR a lot, or other podcasts I find. I listen to a lot of music while working; drawing is a good time to put on a serious album or something that requires a lot of concentration. Lately I’ve been watching Twin Peaks while making drawings; I think it has bled into some of the images I’ve been working with. Sometimes I like watching movies while drawing but they can’t have subtitles or I miss half of the movie.

Thanks Caitlin!

Caitlin Foster Print 1

Caitlin Foster Print 2


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