The MINI Interview with BIG Exclusive Artist: Amy Borrell

Our location and environment is often a huge influence on how we respond visually within our art practice. The things around us subconsciously seep into our everyday. I am interested in how your location affects you. Talk about where you live and what you love about your place and how you think it might influence how you create work? Do you have an ideal place you wish you could escape to for art making?

Name: Amy Borrell
Location: Melbourne

I live in a little house in a little town, not too far from Melbourne. It’s a quiet place, except for frogs croaking in the lake and cows mooing across the fields. I love living here because it allows me to live simply. Nature has always intrigued me, I would follow insects in the garden when I was little, attend the local gem show with my grandpa, and spend hours drawing animals.. and I love being surrounded by so much of it here. For a little while now I have been documenting collections of natural things on illustrated posters, a little like the ones that decorate high school science classrooms, but hopefully not quite as bland! So far I’ve managed Australian birds and their eggs, herbs, constellations and now the moons of Jupiter. I think where I live now is about as ideal a place as I could ever find.

Thanks Amy! – Kelly

Amy Borrell's Print 1

Amy Borrell's Print 2


1 kara marie rileyNo Gravatar { 12.06.11 at 11:50 am }

I love Amy’s work! It’s an interesting point, how your environment affects your work.. I am a drawer and I have to be in the perfect environment/room in the house to be able to create work i am happy with. Nigel Peake is a really interesting artist who is very influenced by where he lives! xo

2 Kelly JonesNo Gravatar { 12.06.11 at 3:59 pm }

I think most artists get influenced by their environment whether they realize it or not. I think our surroundings are important. I couldn’t make work for 6 months when my studio was in a garage, I refused to really do anything there. It was too dark, cold and musky. So I just worked at home on videos!

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