The MINI Interview with BIG Exclusive Artist: Alyson Fox

When I sit down at my desk in my studio to work on something, the first thing I do is turn music on. Music is essential for my practice. I find certain bands are extremely inspiring where I actually see pieces of work in my head while listening which is pretty special. I have a few standbys that I have been listening to for many years but some reason they always do it for me even when I discover new awesome music like Nina Simone, The Supremes, Van Morrison, Ryan Adams Heartbreaker, Joe Purdy, Bon Iver, Horse Feathers, The Postal Service, Pinback, Jawbreaker, Herman Dune, and well I suppose the list goes on forever. Please share with us your music collection that inspires you or the sounds that get you excited to make something. What is your relationship to music? Share photos of your collection or anything that relates with music and making.

Name: Alyson Fox
Location: Austin, TX

My relationship to music-
It depends on what I am working on as to what I listen to or if I have silence. Sometimes my brain is trying really hard to process an idea that I need it quiet to actually get any work done and then other times music is a great vehicle for me to get completely lost in and just go with things. When I”m not working, music always inspires me and makes me really excited about new things- work related or not. I find myself creating an elaborate scene in my head which always inspires me to want to sit down and make something.
Music I have been listening to a lot lately: Lykke Li, Youth Lagoon, WU LYF, New Order, Bruce Springsteen, Bon Iver.

Thanks Alyson! – Kelly Lynn Jones

Alyson Fox Print 1

Alyson Fox Print 2


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