The MINI Interview of BIG Exclusive Artist: Ryan De La Hoz

I am wondering how you view yourself as an artist. Is it something that just is or something you sought out.
Is being an artist part of your day job or do you support yourself some other way? What does being an artist mean to you, how it is a part of your everyday and how it influences your choices and navigation throughout life?

Name: Ryan De La Hoz
Location: San Francisco, CA

I was always into drawing things like Batman and Ninja Turtles when I was little. It wasn’t until my junior year High School art class that I realized that I could make “bodies” of work. I had a very amazing teacher that left our projects open. Until that point art class to me was literally “Okay kids it’s October so we are going to paint pumpkins!”. Being an art maker was always in me but I think around that time I really began pursuing a world that my ideas could inhabit.

I work at Oakland Museum of CA, Double Punch Gallery in SF where I curate around 6 shows a year, and I run where I sell shirts to support myself.

Being an artist to me means noticing and appreciating the little things in life and turning them in to moments of clarity. I think this helps me keep a “have less do more” attitude.

Thanks Ryan!

Ryan De La Hoz Print 2

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