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Here’s a cool project by Jennifer Maria Harris’s which is the focus of an upcoming solo exhibition at the Red Poppy Art House in San Francisco May 2 – June 20, 2011,  with a free reception May 11, 6 – 9 p.m.

Fear Not is a community-based art project that creates a multimedia, anti-fear environment, both on the street and in art spaces. The Fear Not project currently consists of Fear Not Indirect Mail, the Fear Not Library, and Fear Not Radio.

For the duration of the exhibition, over 150 images of Fear Not Indirect Mail that has been delivered from Hawaii to Italy will be on view.  Fear Not Indirect Mail involves participants writing anti-fear messages on postcards that are turned into magnets and placed somewhere out in the community (on bus stops, street signs, etc.) for someone else to find.  On the back of each magnet, it lets the finder know that “this message was created for you by someone at the Fear Not project” and lists the website.  On the website, Mail recipients have the opportunity to provide basic information about themselves and about where and when they found their Mail, as well as what they thought about it.  Messages from recipients will also be exhibited, such as this one:

Delivered at Via degli Avelli & Via Panzani in Florence, Italy, in October of 2008.  Found by Licia, age 24, who likes to bite her nails, whose favorite animal is the human, and who says: “I collect photos of unknown person that I find in the streets.  I’m excited in finding things that belonged to different persons.  It has been a great emotion to find your message.”

Indirect Mail is ongoing, so postcards will be available at the exhibition for anyone to participate.

The reception on May 11 will also include:

Fear Not Radio, which consists of hundreds of voices saying “Don’t be afraid” (or similar messages) in more than fifteen different languages and from people ranging in age from 2 to 82.  These come from voicemails left at the Fear Not phone line at 1-888-END2FEAR (1-888-363-2332).

The Fear Not Library, which consists of 18 of the best-selling books of all time (including the Bible, the Koran, Harry Potter, etc.).  All of the text in the books has been whited out except for the words “Fear not” or similar messages.

The Fear Not Project Website

Jennifer Maria Harris’ Site

Red Poppy Art House

Fear Not on Facebook

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Thanks very much, Hilary! Just wanted to add that the free reception will include blues by Dr. Notorious ( and indie folk/rock by Adam Diener and Andy Brown from Tell River (

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