The Curated Walls of Tara Hurst

Little Paper Planes is a community comprised of artists and collectors alike, where the line is blurred between the collector and the collected. To celebrate our artists, patrons and well-decorated walls everywhere LPP created Curated Walls where we peek into peoples homes to see who, what, how and why people collect art.

In this edition of Curated Walls we look at the collection of Tara Hurst. Tara works as Gallery Director at SOUVENIR and is a Project Manager at Media One in Victoria, Canada.

What is your experience in collecting art? When did you start? What did you start with?

Collecting art is addicting. Once you start, it’s impossible to travel or visit a gallery without considering it. I began collecting a few years ago when I was working as a gallery assistant and freelancing as a graphic designer. It was definitely a time of transition for me as I went from making my own work to working with artists. I started taking clients and working for trade, so I suppose I started with five etchings from Tamara Bond. Now, I’m lucky enough to exhibit the work of friends like Caleb Beyers in my space.

What is important for you to feel in your space?

A lot of people visit my studio and their immediate reaction is that I live in an art gallery… I suppose that is my intention with the space, to live in a white open studio. I spent last winter living in a massive studio in Berlin and fell in love. Of course, when I returned home to the Island it was pretty difficult to find something that could compete, but I managed to find a large studio in China Town with more space than I could ever ask for in this city.

How do you choose your pieces and how do you arrange them? Is there a method or is it arbitrary?

A lot of the pieces that are currently in my space are from artists that I’m working with on an upcoming project, SOUVENIR. One of the luxuries of developing these projects from my studio is the exposure to so much diverse work. Of course, I have my own collection, which I’ve hung meticulously, but it’s exciting to have new work in the space, even for a short period of time.

Do you find the pieces begin to have a dialogue with one another? How do they interact with your space and one another?

Definitely. Right now I have a felted sculpture in the studio (Kermode, 2011, Hanahlie Beise) that will be included in the SOUVENIR project and and it totally interacts with a series of paintings by Cam Kidd on the opposite wall. I love sculpture for this reason, it creates a dialogue differently than a painting or drawing. Scale is also a factor, being able to house large pieces in my home enables a conversation between the actual space and the work, which I really value.

What does collecting art mean to you?

To me, art is everything and collecting it is just part of the experience. It seems natural to surround myself with the work of the artists I work with and admire. It’s the ultimate narrative of the creative life.

Who/what are your favorites?

Right now, I am in love with ‘Kermode’, the life-size bear in my studio. I also recently purchased a black and white print, ‘Flowers’ by Debbie Carlos online and am so happy to have found her work. One day, I want one of Rachel Beach’s geometric sculptures. I think her work is fantastic.

All photos by Hanahlie Beise

Thanks for sharing your walls, Tara!


1 BridgetNo Gravatar { 04.03.12 at 3:55 pm }

Guys! What a fantastic feature! Somehow I hadn’t seen the Curated Walls posts before. Love this idea, and love Tara’s collection.

2 HarryNo Gravatar { 04.04.12 at 10:18 pm }

Who is the artist above the bear on that first image?

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