The Curated Walls of Amy Borrell

Little Paper Planes is a community comprised of artists and collectors alike, where the line is blurred between the collector and the collected. To celebrate our artists, patrons and well-decorated walls everywhere LPP created Curated Walls where we peek into peoples homes to see who, what, how and why people collect art.

Here’s a peek into the walls of LPP artist, Amy Borrell:

1 Gracia & Louise | 2 Valerio Vidali | 3 Gracia & Louise | 4 Tai Snaith | 5 Jason Schwartzman

1. Name/ Location/ Occupation
Amy Borrell / Melbourne / Illustrator & Graphic Designer

2. What is your experience in collecting art? When did you start? What did you start with?

I suppose I’ve always enjoyed collecting things, and in my late teens that developed into buying art that resonated with me in one way or another. The very first piece of art I ‘acquired’ was a page collaged by Tai Snaith which was featured in Voiceworks, a small Melbourne magazine that was pretty big with zinesters. It was an arrangement of joggers found in various vintage books and magazines, and when she visited my high school to give a student talk I asked her to sign it, which she thought was pretty funny.

Linen Covered Novels from the 1950′s

3. What is important for you to feel in your space?

I like my space to be filled with objects that have stories to tell, for the rooms to be personal and lived in, so i feel happy and inspired to create.

4. How do you choose your pieces and how do you arrange them? Is there a method or is it arbitrary?

When I was a kid I would rearrange my room at the end of every term, and I never really grew out of that. I’m always moving things around, allowing them to float from room to room, and placing different pieces next to each other. Ideas tend to grow out of keeping things dynamic and ever changing.

Jack Hudson

5. Do you find the pieces begin to have a dialogue with one another? How do they interact with your space and one another?

Absolutely! There are so many links between objects and art that you never really notice until they’re placed next to each other.

6. What does collecting art mean to you?

The majority of works that I’ve purchased are by emerging creatives who work on a pretty small scale, and it’s rewarding to not only be receiving a lovely artwork, but to also be supporting them in the beginning of their careers. While I have illustrations and prints around the house, I also think books, old papers and odd bits and pieces can be art too. I enjoy being the custodian of things that someone else once treasured, and appreciating the value and history inherent in the object. Too many special things are cast aside and I try to collect and care for any that I happen upon.

Collected letters, photos and documents from the Czech Republic, 1913-1949

7. Who/what are your favorites? Please highlight some key pieces from your collection

Gracia and Louise are two of the loveliest ladies, but they’re also pretty handy with paper and scissors. Their collage ‘They Whispered The Secrets of the World to Me’ is one of my favourites, you can read all kinds of narrative into the piece which I really love.

Jack Hudson’s ‘Behind the Scenes and Everything Else Inbetween’ is also a favourite, with cute references to some of my favourite films, Steve Zissou, Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind, Amelie.. there are so many details and the colour palette is so bright and happy!

-Thanks for sharing, Amy!

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1 MagdaNo Gravatar { 06.24.12 at 12:10 am }

This was a very interesting read! Can’t wait to see more.
Love her collection of Czech papers!

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