The Big Exclusives: Fall Collection

Welcome to the fall collection of Little Paper Planes’s large format prints. We wanted to offer diverse prints as a curated collection so that each work is its own entity as well as creating a dialogue with one of the other pieces. We worked with each artist to choose both a color and black and white piece. This grouping of work contains undertones of cataloging or classifying natural objects, whether it is literally creating an order of a collection or attempting to capture a time that ceases to exist. Among a hybrid of reality and imagination, these works act as a stage of discovery or preserving a moment as a way to remember. The markings of an artist dictate actions of living by creating codes with shapes and patterns encapsulating new possibilities within our natural world.

These collections are seasonal with 12 artist per collection and 2 pieces per artist. Each Print comes in an edition of 50, hand numbered, printed artist signature along with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Artists Include: Christopher Bettig, Samantha Hahn, Cortney Cassidy, Tiel Seivl-Keevers, Amy Borrell, Alyssa Nassner, Jeremy Miranda, Fredrik Åkum, Julia Rothman, Pete Watts, Caitlin Foster and Ryan De La Hoz.

Curated by Kelly Lynn Jones

To view the prints: Fall Collection


1 Emily A.No Gravatar { 11.17.11 at 12:40 am }

I would LOVE to win one of these rad prints! We just bought our first house and the walls are so bare but I don’t want to just buy any old print from or a shop in the mall. I love the creativity and originality of your artists and there are so many pieces in your large format collection that would really fit in well with our tastes and personalities. So all that to say PICK ME! PICK ME!! :-D

2 SummerNo Gravatar { 11.17.11 at 2:48 pm }

These are an amazing group of prints showing the encapsulated natural world. The work I choose for my collection is humorous, quirky, and makes you question. These prints reflect that as well as a tremendous amount of talent and skill.

3 JillNo Gravatar { 11.17.11 at 11:28 pm }

I love all of these prints, but I especially like the 64 Moons of Jupiter. A good friend is an astrophysicist-in-training, and I would be thrilled to give him this as a gift in honor of his recent wedding.

4 jamieNo Gravatar { 11.18.11 at 2:24 am }

Ohhh there are so many beautiful prints here. Jeremy Miranda is one of my favorite painters, but these Amy Borrell illustrations are just lovely! It’s hard to choose just one favorite. It’d be a treat to share one of these with everyone who visits my home & inspire them to support independent artists.

5 CaitlinNo Gravatar { 11.20.11 at 1:50 am }

My favorite? The 4-part BW landslide. Love it love it!!

6 MeganNo Gravatar { 11.20.11 at 1:57 am }

LOVE The 64 Moons of Jupiter print by Amy Borrell. absolutely beautiful.

7 CarrieNo Gravatar { 11.20.11 at 2:05 am }

Oohhh Oohhh Oohhh I adore Tiel Seivl-Keevers’ black and white print! Also big fan of Jeremy Miranda’s iceburg (it reminds me of recently passed Doris McCarthy’s work – an amazing painter who painted in the arctic well into her 90s).

Ok… that’s enough of a Canadian art history lesson for today. Pick me! Pick me! please.

8 LisNo Gravatar { 11.20.11 at 2:05 am }

Cortney Cassidy’s Print 2 Rocks!

9 annelouiseNo Gravatar { 11.20.11 at 3:52 am }

great selection, both the colour and b+w.

i would have to pick the courtney cassidy image: close call between it and the samantha hahn one (really, both are ace), but i love the not-sure-if-i’m-looking-at-a-picture-of-a-cave-or-mountain-or-reef – ness of it. makes me want to keep looking for longer. and that’s a good thing :)

10 PenelopeNo Gravatar { 11.20.11 at 4:07 am }

Love the Seed Pod Banksia by Tiel Seivl-Keevers. It would look awesome in my kitchen!

11 Jess WheatonNo Gravatar { 11.26.11 at 9:42 pm }

I’m glad the prize print supposedly must be B/W, because otherwise I definitely wouldn’t know which one to turn to. I moved to NYC from the Bay Area (love and miss you LPP) about a year ago by plane, and am ever so slowly repopulating my walls. Firstly, I’m already very admiring of Pete Watts’ work, AND grew up eating off place mats that were sequential laminated photos of Mt. St. Helens erupting. So, owning Pete’s rendition of that particular event would be super special for me. Also, Jupiter is my favorite planet for life, and I’m crazy about Amy Borrell’s different textural translations of those moons. I had a Jupiter bouncy ball way back when that I still yearn for. Nuff said.
Winning a print would also provide a great reason to buy another print I’ve been lusting after – Jen Renninger’s There Will Be Miracles! My fingers are crossed that maybe there will be a miracle that wins me a print.

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