Texas Isaiah


“Why are you afraid of being photographed? Can a familiar environment lead you to withdraw from that fear? What does a communicative space look like to you? What does it feel like? What does it taste like? Do you trust you are being seen? Do you feel loved when you are being photographed?

My work investigates and documents gender, race, and sexuality through the intimate relationships individuals cultivate with places through experience and memorization. I am interested in the previous, topical, and imminent textures that are imbedded in physical places and how it corresponds with our bodies. By primarily photographing the outdoors, as well as making the use of light and shadows, I aim to record the visual dialogue between the environment, the individual, and myself.

I am inspired by what it means to be seen and loved when you have your photo taken.”

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images & text from http://kingtexas.net/


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