Small Business Saturday: Maker Profile No. 3

Our final featured maker is Julia Szendrei.  A contemporary jewelry designer focusing on minimal and modern jewelry, she channels her passion for gemstones and metal into the subconscious intent of  her colorful, simple pieces.


When did you begin your current business? 

I registered my business in 2010.  Prior to that, I worked small shows and collaborated with art galleries showing both my paintings and jewelry.

Was it your first endeavor? 

julia-1Talk about bit about your background:
Native to Cape Cod, I was born on Nantucket where I have been painting and making jewelry since I was a very little girl. I grew up in a very magical household where the arts in any form were welcomed with open arms. I have been in the arts in some form or another through out my entire life. I began painting when I was 14 and then had interned with ceramic artists through out high school. My focus in college was Printmaking where I fell in love with the transfer of images from screen to paper both small and large.
(Honestly I think I’ve been educated in whole list of cool fields like weaving, printmaking, book binding, photography, graphic design, painting, welding, ceramics, 3d design, lapidary, metal work, & wood working.)
Throughout the years I have never lost my love for making jewelry and I studied abroad a ton in college where I learned that any approach to life must be one that you truly enjoy. Now, jewelry and being happy is my main focus.
How has you approach changed (if at all)?
With my jewelry, I continue to learn and refresh every so often by building new styles and working with new gemstones and metal materials. There is a TON of options when it comes to design aspects and I also know that it’s a very competitive field to be working in. I try and keep things simple and modern as much as I can while also incorporating gemstone that help connect the body, soul and mind.
In life, I’m beginning to grasp the different levels we all have to go through almost daily. Learning, being humble, being honest and appreciating yourself and others. I have a special love for being kind to others and it’s fun to strengthen this practice.
What have you learned?
Patience and listening to others feedback and critique is super important in any field. It’s never just all about you.
I think if you work hard enough and keep your blinders on to negative energy that your dreams will be successful


Tell us a little about your process. What part of the process excites you the most?
I work with allot of metal in the raw form which is the bees knees. You can bend it, hammer it, solder it and make all sorts of crazy shapes. I also love to work with gemstones and use them as sort of a 3D color palate. I also LOVE to hand cut gemstones. This process is called Lapidary and it’s amazing. Big machines, water saws, diamond drill bits, you name it I love it.  As beautiful and delicate most of my work is, the processed behind it is loud, repetitive and allot of hard work goes into it.
Where do you draw inspiration from?
Everything in life. My experience in nature and my personal spiritual practice has had allot of influence in my work. I love art history and history in general always inspires me to try and recreate and/or translate in my own form what once was considered beautiful. My husband has allot to do with my success as he’s been a contributing factor from day one. He’s always supporting my dreams and his love lights the fire to my dreams.
What made you pursue your art as business?
It might be one of the last meaningful professions. If you can use your own two hands to positively contribute to the world, then I think it’s best that you take the proper steps to make that happen.
I also was raised in a very creative environment and truly believe that everyone has a talent that can shared or traded it with others. Cape Cod is very much a magical and spiritual place. Giving and receiving at all times, if not from the ocean to the land we were taught to respect the ebb and flow of general life.
What are your goals for your business/how do you envision the future?
In the works are textile designs, slate paintings and one day publishing a book.
I’d like to collaborate more with other artists and learn about their techniques and practices too.
I love learning, and honestly it’s about time we join forces and change the world for the better one fun project at a time!


Julia’s jewelry make great gift for family and friends (or yourself!).  She will have all sorts of shiny baubles to discover at the truck show on November 29th- come meet this amazing lady and check out her Etsy shop for some pre-sale inspiration.

We hope you are as jazzed as we are to see what these talented makers are bringing on November 29th.  See you there!

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