Sigrid Calon



Sigrid Calon’s work is formed through the desire and the curiosity to investigate, discover and create. Making new connections and to look differently at what we take for granted. This investigative mentality is separate from a set working method or usage of a certain type of material: what does the room demand? The assignment? Or the moment? Research into identity is very important in her work: what is the essence? Is there a new truth? Through these questions, Calon imagines the chaos of possibilities in a clear and pure manner. Aspects such as intuition, rationality and playfulness are of importance here. Calon searches for wonderment and is inspired by the things around her, preferably things that are meant for something different: materials, but also objects, situations or spaces. To what extent can you explore the autonomy of applied data?


Dutch designer and illustrator Sigrid Calon applies her curious and evocative touch to everything from publications and risograph prints to massive, site-specific installations.  To see more of her work, visit her site.


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