Session 3, Week 3!


We are over half way with session 3, how did that happen so fast! This week we had the biggest group we have had so far this session, a whopping 5 kids! The spring break kerfuffle is nearly over  and we cannot wait to have the whole group together again!

This week I (Dana) took the lead on planning the project, choosing the artist and teaching the class. I was so excited this was during the week we were scheduled to explore the concept of ‘color’! I have been in awe of Brazilian artist Yago Hortal for quite some time now… So I was very happy to be able to show the kiddos his impressive work. Yago works with manipulating acrylic paint in the most beautiful ways. He makes it so that his medium is in fact the art piece.

Check out some of Yago’s work here.

In order to use the inspiration gathered from Yago’s blending of colors, I wanted to have the kiddos do a project that would require the same movements. With little 5×7 photo frames, the kiddos made small ‘stained glass’ pieces. They used glitter glue (definitely the most popular medium), acrylic paint and food coloring and blended their chosen colors together. When they finished with their ‘glass’ (plexiglass) piece, their next task was to paint the frame. The only catch was that they needed to use their knowledge of mixing colors to choose the color for the frame…. No primary colored frames allowed!

This proved to be a very fun, exciting project… Especially when they got to the point of covering their entire hands with glitter glue and getting to the messy portion of the class! I cant wait to show the kids their dried, finished projects next week!

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