Session 2, Weeks 4 & 5; Session 3, Week 1

It’s been a bit since our last update, we’re so sorry! We are finding it difficult to balance quality time and attention with the kiddos with documenting the classes for the blog. Kelly and I often look at each other at the end of a class and realize neither of us had taken our phones out to take a single photo. Personally, I believe that to be a good thing. But when you’re in the retail/workshop business, it requires advertising and documentation. So, here we go! The past three weeks have been a whirlwind of kiddos making art, messes and generally just making Kelly and I laugh.


Week 4 of session 2 featured the work of Kehinde Wiley. Infamously now known for the incredible portrait he did of President Obama, we discussed his use of backgrounds, pattern, color, and relationship between background and portrait. To see some more of his work yourself, click here.

We taught the kiddos how to marble their paper. Normal marbling kits are too toxic for little ones, so we went the safe route, using shaving cream and food coloring. After filling their tins with shaving cream, they chose their colors, put a few drops on top of the shaving cream, then mixed it to their heart’s content. When ready, they laid their paper down, waited a moment, picked the paper up, wiped away excess shaving cream, and marveled in their work!

*We then gave the kids a few moments to get messy with the shaving cream mixture… causing a bit of chaos…*

Our next step was to talk about the very difficult art of portraiture. The kids each drew whoever was sitting across from them, allowing new friends to be made. Some kiddos got frustrated, which I do too when drawing portraits. But all of them ended up completing the project and (we think) were happy with the outcome. The portraits pasted onto the marbled paper, resulted in a look similar to Kehinde’s!


Week 5 of every session is the exhibition night! The kiddos all gathered the projects they made over the entirety of the session and displayed it how they wanted. We asked each other them to think of the favorite piece they had made over the session, and recreate it via watercolor. This gives them a chance to reflect on what they made, what they liked the best, and why they liked it… All prompted by Kelly and I asking repetitively. Then the kids made buttons to have a bit of fun while we waiting for family to arrive. They then stood in front of their pieces and discussed what they liked about their experience. It’s a great chance to have the kids break out of their shells and get semi-serious for a bit about their art practice.


The first week of this new session was spent talking to the kids about the theme of wanting to hide, blend in, and camouflage. We looked at the work of Monica Rohan, an Australian artist who’s work focuses on common themes of floating transcendence and anchored realism. To check out her work, click here.

We worked with the kids to create an environment, whether realistic or abstract, using colored pencils on plain paper. They then picked a creature to hide in that environment they had created, using tracing paper to mimic the lines and colors of the environment.

Several of the kids were on spring break with their families, so this week was a much smaller group. This allowed us to really work one-on-one with each student. Spring break is different for each school, so next week will be a small group again. Looking forward to seeing what they create!


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