Session 2, Week 3!



Yay! Ski Week is over and everyone was back in class… It was so nice to have the whole gang back together, making the class feel lively and back to normal! This week we explored the work of Kenesha Sneed. She is an incredible painter and ceramist, hitting both last week’s project and this week’s. The kids seemed to take an instant interest in her work, excited to talk about what they saw in the pieces we presented. To check out some of her work yourself, click here.

This week’s design element was ‘texture’ and the project was constructing coil pots! As we already know from last session, the kids’ favorite medium to work in is definitely clay. The excitement was palpable. There was a definite difference in the capabilities from the younger kids to the bigger kids. The younger kids had a bit of trouble constructing the pots with the coils in a way they would stay… We helped and a lot of the end results look great! Most of the bigger kids had the advantage of having made coil pots before. They all surged ahead and had competitions of ‘biggest coil’ and ‘tallest pot’. We gave them the option of glazing their pieces, and surprisingly, a lot of the kids opted out and wanted to leave their pieces the color of the clay – Which I thought was pretty cool.

We are firing the pieces this weekend, I cannot wait to see what the final pieces look like. It’s as exciting for us to see as it for the kiddos to see!

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