Senga Nengudi


“I live in the fourth dimension when I create landscapes.

These landscapes are made out of materials that are discards and commonplace. I like to dance with the spaces I occupy, creating a triad. Partnering, we show what each other have to offer. Selection of a site and materials is critical to my creative process. They are my way into a concept that seems to usher forth (take form) from my manipulation of them.

I prevail with ‘what is at hand’. My installations are subtle and intimate, involving issues of time and personal change. They are durable like a bird’s nest with viewers feeling welcome enough to shift from observers to participants. Utilizing masking tape, gravel, dirt, newspapers, powdered tempera, seedpods, stripped pantyhose, photos and found stuff is a statement in itself.

To shape shift paradigms I find different ways to use materials others consider useless or insignificant providing proof that the disregarded and disenfranchised may also have the resilience and reformative ability to find their poetic selves.”


You can see more of Senga’s work here.

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