Sara Cwynar at Foxy Production, NYC

Sara Cwynar at Foxy Production, NYC

Sara Cwynar at Foxy Production, NYC

“Flat Death” is currently up at Foxy Production and will be up through May 3rd.

Little Paper Planes will be carrying Sara’s book, KITSCH ENCYCLOPEDIA published by BLONDE ART BOOKS. They arrive next week so come by and get one!

Sara Cwynar

Sara Cwynar assembles images from objects and found photographs that court feelings of time passing. Using collage and re-photography, she produces composite images that call to mind old magazine advertisements, postcards, or catalogs.

Cwynar is interested in dated commercial images; in the failure, with time, of their visual trickery; in the waning of their seductive powers. Her works highlight how the once familiar becomes foreign; how the fetishized object can lose its luster; how glamour can fade.

Flat Death combines sculptural constructions that are photographed, printed, tiled, and re-photographed, together with images from darkroom manuals that are decomposed using a scanner. Cwynar’s process is circular; she starts and finishes with a photograph, after a journey of intervention and manipulation that ultimately disrupts the smooth surface and the perspective of the stock image.

Like a reel of film frames, a row of prints line two walls, while two large floral still life works hang on adjacent walls. Together, the works impart an uncanny sense of a lost world of images that Cwynar has collected and recalibrated to present as evidence that images never die, they just float somewhere between the traditional realm of the analog and the Internet, or between complex emotional attachments and kitsch.

Sara Cwynar (Vancouver, Canada, 1985) lives and works in New York City. She holds a Bachelor of Design from York University, Toronto. Exhibitions include: Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery, The University of the Arts, Philadelphia (solo); Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas; Higher Pictures, New York (all 2014); Foxy Production, New York; Cooper Cole Gallery, Toronto (solo); Foam Photography Museum, Amsterdam (solo)(all 2013); Ed Varie, New York; Talk to Me, Museum of Modern Art, New York (group project) (all 2012); Show & Tell Gallery, Toronto; and Neubacher Shor Contemporary, Toronto (both 2011). She has recently released Kitsch Encyclopedia, a book about the relationship between images and kitsch.

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