Rowland S Howard // Autoluminescent

Being a musician and music enthusiast, Rowland S Howard has been an incredible influence of mine, Autoluminescent is the documentary surrounding Rowland S Howard’s work + influence throughout the decades of music.

Rowland S Howard // Autoluminescent :

“Out of the darkness and into the light, Rowland S. Howard established a sound and wraith-like image unlike any other. Acclaimed writer of underground anthem ‘Shivers’,  and arguably one of the most influential indie guitarists, his innovative fretted fury helped define an entire movement of music, endearing him to the imagination of a generation. Autoluminescent details personal moments with the man, his many musician mates and his long-lasting musical legacy – from the genre bending post-punk creations of seminal 80′s group The Birthday Party to the breathtaking edge of the audio abyss in These Immortal Souls, Rowland S. Howard remained an artist foremost and a mysterious enigma to the end. Autoluminescent is a detailed charcoal sketch of the man in captivating chiaroscuro, his art and the many ghosts that influenced his world – featuring rare archival footage and exclusive interviews with the likes of Rowland S. Howard, Nick Cave, Wim Wenders, Mick Harvey, Lydia Lunch, Henry Rollins, Thurston Moore, Bobby Gillespie, Adalita, Genevieve McGuckin and many more.”

–’I do believe that there is some kind of global spirituality that somehow suffuses the souls of everyone.‘ – Rowland S. Howard

**All images + text can be found on the film’s website.


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