Peter Mandradjieff

Peter Mandradjieff

Peter Mandradjieff

The paintings of Peter Mandradjieff.

His work along with Gina Beavers, Ariel Dill, Joanne Greenbaum, Leigh Ruple, Jeffrey Tranchell, Johannes VanDerBeek will be showing at Halsey McKay Gallery which opens on March 2.

HUMAN DRAMA curated by Denise Kupferschmidt.

Meditations on a way to live
The orange sky in the night glows over the train tracks, going north.
Just then, a cat runs into its tail
I’ve never felt warmer than I did that night.
The rain was turning into snow, and

Place by the sea, that’s where I wanna be
Love is the thing in time that listens
I can’t remember the feeling it is like a silver glove
I live by this acquaintance.

I decided to write a poem as a contribution to this show I’ve curated. It felt appropriate, since the works presented in Human Drama are so full of flourish. It seemed right to begin any statement about them with something poetic. These artists are moving towards their personal truths along paths that are inconstant and unworn. The availability of each practice exists in varying degrees. Their media is invigorated and instilled with what happens in the environment of their practice: rituals, rooms, dreams, habits and patterns, everyday stuff. Materiality informs the discussion, to be unresolved in moment to moment experiential investigations of the artwork, or redefined in the making. They are living with making art. They are living and making art. They are making art out of living.

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