Maria Walker


Maria Walker lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. To see more from Maria Walker click here.

Ulf Saupe


Ulf Saupe is based in Berlin, Germany. Above are examples of his ‘Water Pictures’.

To see more of the artists work, please visit and the Galerie Ulf Saupe website.


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Sergio Gutiérrez


“Sergio Gutiérrez´ practice use drawing as a reflexion zone, a complementary time to observation which acts intuivitively as a temporal emplacement in the imaginary. By recovering and redirecting luminous variations, temperatures and sounds between materials and their physical reactions to space, Gutiérrez interest in the corporeal and temporal dimensions of the image include a possibility of interaction with vistors.

“The double vision” implies the exploration and use of corporeal resources relative to the movements of rotating and extending a body, where the works are originated by the interplay of sight and touch in actions such as trace, impact, expand, mould, add, substract, place, handle, contain, hook, rotate and register.

Translating the graphic elements of point, line and plane to tridimensional forms, “The double vision” generates tactile wanderings through ceramic surfaces, being manipulated as tools to trace (contours and perimeters), and measure (volume, consistency, duration and distance), in which visitors will have the option of roaming, handle, place and re-trace its physical relation to space.

Sergio Gutiérrez (1982) lives and works in Oaxaca. Studied at ENPEG “La Esmeralda”, México, City. (2001-2006) has won the fellowship FONCA (2013, 2007), FOESCA (2009-2010) and Arte Actual programme at Bancomer- MACG, Museo Carrillo Gil, México, City (2009). In 2012 he was artist-in-residency at Museo Experimental el Eco. Solo presentations include: “Los que se van, los que se quedan” en Casa del Lago Juan José Arreola (2013); “El devenir de la luz. Aquellos que se expanden” en Casa Vecina. And group shows as: Gabinete Grafico: Materia Sensible. Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil.Materia de Dibujo. México, D.F(2013); Letters from my grandfather. Colection JoAnn Gonzalez Hickey. N.Y. USA(2012); The post project. Power to the People: Contemporary Conceptualism and the Object in Art. Australian Center for Contemporary Art. Curaduría Raimundas Malasauskas(2011); Perspectives. The Artist Book in Latin and South America, Third Biennial Codex International Bookfair, UC Berkeley Campus, USA (2011). He is currenly preparing a sholo show at Instututo de Artes Gráficas de Oaxaca (IAGO).” -Parallel Oaxaca

*Images from Sergio Gutiérrez – La doble Visión at Parallel Oaxaca. To see more click here.

Russell Leng

rusell leng

Russell Leng is an artist currently based in Vancouver, Canada. He received an MFA in Contemporary Art Practice
from Edinburgh College of Art in 2013. His work has been collected and exhibited at galleries worldwide including
Beers.Lambert (London), FFDG (San Francisco), Hungryman Gallery (San Francisco and Chicago), Fleming Collection
(London), Embassy Gallery (Edinburgh), Parts Gallery (Toronto), and Trench Contemporary Art (Vancouver).

Leng did an exclusive print series for Little Paper Planes, which can be purchased here.  Over the years, Leng’s work has changed a great deal and it’s wonderful to see these new developments.  Artistic growth and exploration is always so exciting.  To see more of his work, click here.

Currently, Leng has a solo exhibition showing at Field Contemporary, in Vancouver.  It is running until July 4th- it looks amazing and absolutely merits a visit if you are nearby!


Roxana Azar



Since it is so gloomy outside today, I am really enjoying these airy, flower-filled photographs by Philadelphia-based photographer Roxana Azar.  Azar digitally manipulates her photos to give them their painterly nuance and collaged compositions. To see more of her work, click here.

Chris Bradley


“Im interested in making things so that they communicate at the same level as the actual things”, Bradley says. “The mix of replicated elements in different materials with actual things – as in a bronze potato chip with an actual beer can – speaks to my relationship with materials and my personal agenda and value of things in the world. Sometimes you just have to let a beer can be a beer can.”

Chris Bradley (1982, USA) achieves realistic effects through uncommon means, summoning the appearance of grease or tape by using paint or replicating an ice bag using glass and plastic. Experimenting with three-dimensional trompe l’oeil, Bradley translates rectangular cardboard sheets, stained pizza boxes decorated with nuggets of gum, and other real world detritus into sculptures in aluminum, steel, bronze, concrete, and other materials.

“What drives me to work with everyday, mundane subjects is a faith that within each thing is a latent narrative or meaning”, he comments.

- Excerpt from Modern Painters’ 25 Artists to Watch, 2014

*Above text from Roberto Paradise

**Images from artists site. To see more from Chris Bradley click here.

Alfredo De Stéfano



One of Mexico’s most prominent contemporary conceptual photographers, Alfredo De Stefano photographs the desert landscape creating images that address the natural environment’s elemental significance and our relationship to the land. Often employing ice, fire, and light, De Sefano creates enigmatic installations with both natural and man-made objects in the ethereal desert setting.

De Stefano was born in Monclova, Coahuila, a city in the desert in Northeastern Mexico. His work has been exhibited internationally including solo exhibitions at the The Recoleta Cultural Center, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2012; Fourth International Biennial of Photography, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2010; International Biennial of Guangzhou, Museum of Art, Guangzhou, China, 2009 and the Museum of Art Carrillo Gil, Mexico City, Mexico, 2008.

To see more of the artist’s work, please visit the GE Galeria website.

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Royal Jarmon


Royal Jarmon is an artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. To see more from Royal Jarmon click here.

*Images from artists site.

Matthew Jensen

matt jensen

Matthew Jensen lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Click here to check out the exclusive print series Jensen made for Little Paper Planes and visit his website to see many more beautiful and intelligent works.

Recheng Tsang

recheng tsang

Working primarily with porcelain, ReCheng Tsang creates site-specific installations and smaller sculptures. The work consists of up to several hundred sometimes thousands of thin porcelain pieces. Each piece is rolled, pinched, pulled, torn, or otherwise manipulated by hand, then composed within a pre-defined grid. She explores the intrinsic qualities of porcelain, malleable and impressionistic, to create work that is tactile and sensual. She is also interested in the dichotomous relationship between the porcelain’s hardness and permanence, and the resulting work which appears to be delicate, ephemeral and in motion. She works monochromatically, often leaving the porcelain unglazed, to allow the attention to focus on the subtle shifts in form, color, and texture.

I first met ReCheng many years ago, through my grandmother’s critique group meetings.  ReCheng taught me how to make a reversible, draped jersey vest (which I’ve always appreciated).  Since then, I’ve seen her at a handful of  meetings and always look forward to discovering what magic she’s brought to share.  ReCheng lives and works in Berkley, CA.  To see more of her work, click here.