Jamie Felton


Jamie Felton lives and works in Philadelphia, PA. To see more from Jamie Felton click here.

Guillermo Mora


Guillermo Mora lives and works in Madrid, Spain. To see more from Guillermo Mora click here.


Regina Pyo



Rejina Pyo is a Korean-born fashion designer based in London.  She graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2011 and has gained exposure in both the UK and abroad since then.  Her work has appeared in several exhibitions, as well as in various fashion publications.  Pyo is currently developing her eponymous line, as well as consulting for other British designers.  To see more, click here.

Nicole Cherubini


Nicole Cherubini lives and works in New York, New York. To see more from Nicole Cherubini click here.



Violeta Lopiz


Violet Lopiz was born in Ibiza. After discovering illustration and pursuing this path in Madrid, she moved to Berlin, where she currently lives and works. To see more of the artit’s work please visit her website.

Catherine Lauigan


Catherine Lauigan is a multidisciplinary artist working in L.A. Her work is varied, including working with fibers, sound, and photography. It ranges from more sculptural pieces using slabs to working with natural dyes and tone dispersals.

To see more from Catherine Lauigan click here.

LPP in Conversation: Scott Vermeire

In Conversation

LPP in Conversation visits Bay Area artists in their studios and project sites to explore the research, readings, obsessions, and inspiration they use to inform their practice.

In our fifth video series we talk with Scott Vermeire. Go to Art Practical to watch the full video!

Scott Vermeire’s practice hovers in a performative space between art and comedy. His abilities as a deadpan performer allow him to create characters that are absurd, threatening, and hilarious, while earnestly exploring what it means to be evil, to be a failure, to be desperate, or to experience self-defeat. Although some comedic practices, sketch comedy for example, might draw characters in quick, archetypal strokes, Scott’s commitment to personifying the characters he imagines leads to surprising, moving encounters with his audience.



Crescioni is a line of accessories rooted in traditional craft techniques, handmade in California and inspired by the spirit of the American west.  To see more, click here.


Carolyn Salas


*images from artists website

“New York based artist Carolyn Salas’ sculptural works investigate the tension between the physical and psychological space. Cement, plaster, ceramics, found objects, photography, and fabric are brought together with laborious craft to reveal human imperfections that are reflective of our everyday burdens, failures and achievements. Carolyn Salas received her BFA from The College of Santa Fe and her MFA from Hunter College. Selected exhibitions include: Urbis, The City Center, UK, Gallery Zidoun, Luxembourg, Art Space, CT, Parisian Laundry, QC, the Berkshire Museum, MA, Torrance Art Museum, CA, and the Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum, CA.” -Dimensions Variable

To see more from Carolyn Salas click here.

María Aparicio Puentes



María Aparicio Puentes was born in Santiago de Chile, where she is based now. She studied Architecture at the University of Chile and received her Master in Urban Design: Art, City, Society from University of Barcelona, Spain in 2011.

Collaborating with photographers,  Puentes sews geometric shapes directly onto their images, emphasizing spatial relationships and lending each photo a new focus in the process.

To see more of Maria’s work, please visit her website.