LPP+ Residency in 2015


Since 2004, Little Paper Planes has connected artists and collectors, sharing the excitement of collecting artwork, prints, handmade objects and ephemera. In our ninth year, LPP expanded from an online only organization into a storefront on Valencia Street in San Francisco. With this expansion we widened our programming to include a residency within the new physical location.

The LPP + Residency offers a diverse group of makers – artists, curators, collectives, photographers, writers, performers, participatory/social practice, musicians, craftspeople. – the opportunity to cultivate ideas and work in a month-long residency in San Francisco. Residents receive space to set up a workshop, studio, or office. Expanding on our commitment in helping artists, we felt it was important to offer free space to encourage our creative community to try out new projects or just have a place to work.

From May 2013-November 2014, the residency was housed in the back of the shop which created an interesting dynamic between the residents and the public. The residents used the opportunity to engage with the local community at large. Starting in March 2015, LPP will partner up with Adobe Books & Arts Cooperative to host the LPP+ Residency. Adobe has been an integral platform for artists since 1989 and we are excited about this partnership. LPP+ will have a small studio space behind their gallery where our residents will reside for a month at a time. Since they are open to the public, the residency will also be open to the public and is just down the street on 24th and Folsom from our Valencia Street shop in The Mission District.

Little Paper Planes provides support to assist with screenings, readings, lectures and workshops during the course of the residency. Open to individuals and groups, the resident(s) will offer at least two public programs or events during the course of their time at LPP+. Each residency culminates with a publication and/or print edition published by LPP as an extension of the residency. SFMOMA’s Library and Archives collect all publications.

The Chetwood has been a generous partner in assisting our out of town residents with housing.

Thanks so much for all your applications! We received a large volume of applicants with only a few openings. We had three past residents (Stairwell’s, Emily Tareila, and Brendan Mullins) choose their top five and Kelly chose six from the fifteen. The other four were invited. Our next application process will begin in late September.

To see past and future photos of the residency, go here.

The artist list:

March 2015: Julia Leonard/Either Way
April 2015: Dorothy Santos
May 2015: Em Meine
June 2015: Alison Pebworth
July 2015: Fortmakers
August 2015: Sarah Gottesdiener
September 2015: Jenni Rope / Napa Books
October 2015: Bonanza
November 2015: Lynnette Miranda
December 2015: Emma Spertus

Brandon Chuesy


Brandon Chuesy was born in Long Beach, CA and lives and works in Portland, OR. To see more click here.

Tin & Ed

tin ed


We are an Australian-based creative practice whose approach purposely blurs the lines between work & play, design & art.

We are directors, thinkers & makers led by the spirit of curiosity & experimentation. Our commercial output is often fuelled by our studio projects where success, failure & chance discovery are all embraced in equal measure. Each experience provides new understanding and facilitates personal and commercial growth.

Practice makes imperfect.

To see more from Tin & Ed, click here.


Megan Whitmarsh

Megan Whitmarsh

Megan Whitmarsh

I have been following Megan’s work for many years now and she always impresses me how she can constantly evolve in her practice yet her work always still feels like her own.

**All images are from meganwhitmarsh.com


skodia full


Skodïa is an Australian brand created by designer Jess McKie.  McKie focuses on high-end basics, making minimal “soft-wear” that embraces a full-on cozy aesthetic, even in her summer collections.  Versatile and comfy, these are clothes to really live and lounge in.


To see more from Skodïa and shop the collection, click here.

Florian Roithmayr


Florian Roithmayr was born Rosenheim, Germany, 1976. Lives and works in London. To see more from Florian Roithmayr click here.

Erin D. Garcia


Erin D. Garcia is a visual artist based in Los Angeles. Originally from the Deep South, he and his work have both taken a long migratory path with many twists and turns along the way. Garcia’s current work is an exploration of where the human capacity for abstraction intersects or conflicts with the sensory desire for specificity. Each one of his drawings or paintings is part of a process of distillation, and there is a distinct feeling when taken together as a series that they are driving ever closer to a revelatory moment. The process of the work is exceedingly present, the pieces are inextricable from the practice of their generation.

To see more of Garcia’s work, click here.

Patrick Armstrong


Patrick Armstrong lives and works Berlin, Germany and New York, NY. To see more click here.

Erin Hunt

Erin Hunt

Erin Hunt

The work of Erin Hunt.

To see more images: erinhuntart.com