Rora Blue



Rora Blue is a 21 year old artist from California. Her most well known project is titled ‘The Unsent Project’ which takes submissions and perfectly transforms real human emotion into art. To learn more about ‘The Unsent Project’, click here.

The images above are from her newest work ‘Handle With Care’, which explores sexist comments that women hear frequently, turning derogatory comments into works of art. To visit Rora’s website, click here.

PinkOut Party and Planned Parenthood Fundraiser!

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Our current window installation features an amazing work by Dana Cray Fernie, one of our newest shop ladies and the badass behind Bang Bang SF print studio. Since it was inspired by powerful women and activism, we wanted to celebrate those potent themes and decided to make the installation reception into a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood!The event will be Friday, May 5th, from 7-10 pm at Little Paper Planes. Dana will be cutting down her piece in real-time, and the individual acrylic tiles will be for sale (all proceeds to Planned Parenthood). We’ll have various strings and ribbons on hang, so guests can make their own mini wall hangings!

+TUNES+ DJ Bonnie Danger of Lovesick Deejays
+PROTEST CAKES+ Leah Rosenberg and Tess Wilson will supply Protest Cake (check out @protestcakes on IG for some yummy inspiration)

+RAFFLE+ We’re hosting a MEGA raffle! Tickets will be $5, with all proceeds donated to Planned Parenthood. Enter for a chance to win prizes from some stellar brands and artists, including:
People I’ve Loved
Gravel and Gold
Julia Szendrei
Hikaru Furuhashi
Open Windows Cooperative
The Greater Goods
Hannah Emile
Jamila Keba
Alyssa Block
Julie Cloutier
Case For Making
Lindsay Stripling
pink quad

Ella Jazz



Ella Jazz is an artist and actress. Born in Madrid, she currently lives between London, Madrid, Paris, southern France and Los Angeles.  To see more of her work, click here.

Dani Smith


“Fueled by her identity as an African American woman, Dani’s artistic curiosity currently lies in identity formation, particularly in young black girls as they are faced with the challenge of absorbing, integrating or rejecting Eurocentric aesthetic ideals and traditions.

Dani’s work also questions intra-racial issues within black communities in relation to race, class, gender and religion. To explore this tension, she engages the histories and traditions of painting to mirror the discourse of societal organization. Her work investigates how the physical medium of paint and the methods of execution can influence the content depicted on the surface as well as discovers an overlap between medium hierarchy and social politics associated with race and class.

Dani’s studio practice is both a template and a self-portrait. It is a guide to examine select facets of blackness as she discovers new boundaries of her identity and the social arenas it occupies. The space she explores through painting, installation, and writing is the feeling of being neither here nor there, belonging but displaced, being black, being white, French Creole, female, a fetish, a threat, a dream, a reality, an ideal, a hybrid, a sellout, suburban, the little yellow girl, high yellow, whitewashed, minority, mixed, a mimic. Dani works through these categories to discover how they are embraced or rejected and interrogate the space between race, societal construction and medium. Social construction dictates how one moves throughout society and influences individual experiences. Since the compilation of these experiences does not lend themselves to orderly categorization, identity becomes fractured.

Dani uses her background and experiences as an illustration of an identity in difference against prevailing stereotypes and social norms while investigating what characterizes the transparency or opacity of these labels as they are influenced by intersections of gender, race, class and medium.”

You can see more of Dani’s work here .

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Javier Martin



Javier Martin is a visual artist who has developed most of his works in painting & in sculpture. He uses fashion portraits often taken by him to compose his artwork. Martin also uses a mixture of techniques that involve digital prints as part of his trademark.

To see more of Javier’s work, click here.

Joss McKinley


Joss McKinley (born 1981) is a British photographer and filmmaker. He lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

He is both an art and commercial photographer and his works consist of still life, landscapes and portraits.  Exhibitions of his photographs have been seen worldwide and most notably at his solo show in the Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam in 2012. His work has been collected by several leading public museums including the Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam and The National Portrait Gallery, London.

McKinley works on assignments for publications including The New Yorker, The New York Times, T Magazine, WSJ Magazine, W Magazine, AnOther Magazine, Vogue, Hermes & Dior.

 To see more of his work, click here.

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Evie Cahir


Evie Cahir is an illustrator currently living and drawing in West Melbourne.

Her work jumps back and forth between carefully rendered watercolor still lives and loosely drawn portraits of cartoon characters—often the two collide, sharing space on in the same ‘brain dump’ or ‘snack pack’. She also does some very cute dog portraits.


You can see more of Evie’s work here.






Laolu was born and raised in Ilorin, Nigeria to Yoruba parents, which is what made his art what it is. Based in Brooklyn, Laolu is a visual artist, musician, human rights lawyer and activist. His mottos is: “Everything is my Canvas” and he truly takes it to heart. Laolu puts his mark on everything from canvas, to shoes, to walls and buildings, to clothing and even the body with his Sacred Art of the Ori.

To learn more about Laolu, click here.

Camila Falquez


Camila Falquez was born in Mexico City, raised in Barcelona, and now splits her time between New York City and Barcelona. Camila, a former ballet dancer, turned to photography as her method of communication. The above images are from her work titled Humanidad aqui arriba. 

To learn more about Camila, click here.

Jude Jelfs




Jude Jelfs is a ceramicist based in Gloucestershire, England.  Her work is mainly figurative in earthenware, porcelain, and stoneware with some soda-fired pieces. Jelfs also makes figurative sculpture in bronze.  Together with her husband, ceramics artist John Jelfs, they run a shared studio and gallery space called the Cotswold Pottery.

To see more of her work, click here.