Rebekah Miles

rebekah miles


I am primarily a painter using clay as my “canvas”. Many of my paintings are interpretations of images that appeal to a sense of place and beauty, such as an antique loteria set (Mexican bingo) from the 1800′s, a seed savers exchange catalogue, and a California native plant identification book. I want to make beautiful pieces that feel like heirlooms.

I love these ceramics by California artist Rebekah Miles- they have such a wonderful balance of intricacy and innocence.  To see more of Miles’ beautiful work, click here.

Introducing UNIFORMA Collection II

UNIFORMA lookbook

We are pleased to introduce our second collection of our in house line, UNIFORMA.

Uniforma is our everyday uniform; they are the things we wear, carry, and use.  Uniforma is curious, stylish, and simple.

We value form paired with function, design as collaboration, and supporting small and local artists.

Our garments are inspired by women artists.  Every style is dedicated to a different artist and pays homage to the functional and chic ensembles that they embraced both in and outside the studio.  Each collection has core styles with limited edition additions and new fabrics.

To view and purchase the pieces: Go here

Photography: Crystal Millan // Hair & Makeup: Shana Astrachan (Fox & Doll) // Styling: Kelly Lynn Jones and Hannah Tatar // Model & Artist: Heather Day


Kathleen Ryan

Kathleen Ryan

Kathleen Ryan

The work of Kathleen Ryan.

**All images are from

Gur Rugs

Gur Rugs

Gur Rugs

Working in partnership with the artisan weaver of rugs, GUR invites artists to express themselves on this support with a very specific technique using the same materials with the authenticity of a traditional kitchen rug but now much more fun. GUR can be the first place where you put your feet in the morning, a picnic friend or a frame in your living room. Hopefully the collection will keep on growing with new collaborations, keep on checking then!
Thank’s for the support making this possible: Noia, Ligia, Julia, Ze, Gustavo, Claudia, Marcia, Lima and all the artists collaborations.
All the GUR are handmade, held in a traditional handloom, with raw tirela (rag), embossed technique or over layers of colours, finishing with basic sewing. Dimensions: 70cmx120cm Editions of each handmade rug are limited in sets of 50.

GUR focus on tradition, allowing to discover the expansion of artistic forms using traditional materials and techniques of the history and culture from Portugal.

To see all the pieces:

Rikako Nagashima



Rikako Nagashima is a Japanese graphic designer and creative director.  Both independently and with her company Village®, Nagashima seeks to blur the lines between contemporary fashion, design and art.  To see more of her varied and beautiful work, click here.

Daniel Everett

daniel everett

Daniel Everett is a Utah-based artist who works incorporates structural compositions and photography to explore his ambivalence towards the ideals of perfection and order.  To see more of Everett’s work, click here.

Pius Fox


Pius Fox was born in Berlin, where lives and works. He studied Fine Arts and Teaching of Fine Arts at the UDK – University of Arts, Berlin. To see more of the artist’s work, please visit his website or that of the Galerie Martin Mertins.

Eva Roovers


Eva Roovers is an artist specialized in product photography. Through a carefully selected color pallet and with a delicate eye for textures and surfaces she creates playful but refined images.
In a bold colorful style she combines the impossible, what doesn’t seem to fit together becomes one in perfect harmony.
Without trickery, all effects are created in the studio.

Roovers currently lives and works in Amsterdam.  To see more of her work, click here.

LPP’s July AIR

Fort Makers

Roos Gomperts


I love these illustrations Dutch artist Roos Gomperts created for Dutch Invertuals Collected.  She translated iconic works that were once developed for Dutch Invertuals into a series of eight cards and posters, using Mono printing and paper cutouts.  Says Gomperts, “strong and clear illustrations: the objects are recognizable but abstract.  The illustrations have a strong visual language: a new typography.”

To see more of Gomperts’ work, click here.