Sarah Schneider

sarah-schneiderSarah Schneider is an artist living and working in Baltimore, Maryland. Besides painting, she also makes zines and does video work. You can see more of her work here.

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Tosha Stimage



Tosha Stimage uses a variety of mediums to examine and reflect on the limitations of language, and the often confused, distinction between experience, and knowledge. She suggests that there are no isolated meanings or consequences with identity. By conceptually and physically weaving and collaging, new possibilities emerge in the resulting field of perception. Stimage is interested in separating memory from the act of experience as an ongoing investigation of racial ideologies.

Stimage has worked as a teaching artist, and is a member of the CTRL + SHFT Collective (Oakland, CA). Her work has been shown at Guerrero Gallery (San Francisco, CA), Incline Gallery (San Francisco, CA) Galeria de la Raza (San Francisco, CA) SOMArts Gallery (San Francisco, CA), Quality Gallery (Oakland, CA) Bureau for Open Culture’s Taking Shelter Project, curated by James Voorhees & Eric Araujo. (Columbus, OH) and Rhythmix Cultural Works (Alameda, CA).

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Laurent Chéhère



Laurent Chéhère is a French artist, born in 1972 at the foot of the Parisian hill of Ménilmontant.  He travels extensively, documenting the façades characteristic of every neighborhood he encounters.  Reimagined as whimsical floating structures, these buildings are at once familiar and impossible.


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Diana Kingsley



From her website:

I set up photographic still lifes or closely cropped nature shots that are carefully arranged, but somehow fraught—both over-specific and elusive. I’m drawn to situations where control is confounded by dysfunction and studied elegance is poised precariously on the verge of the absurd. The well-placed non sequitur, self-consciousness, and slyly humorous formal affectations are ongoing preoccupations.

My subject matter could be almost anything—a cat staring at bowls of milk, a badly placed brooch on a sweater, a cheese morsel fallen on a couch. I tend to use whatever’s close at hand, so autobiographical allusions inevitably sneak in. I’m not interested in forcing any particular narrative; I’m more interested in a sensibility that runs through the work: low-level despair, boredom, resignation, thwarted desire, overwrought sensuality, utter futility. I tend to push that with the titles. I’m going for the rigor of minimalist design, the angst of an existential one-act, and the humor of a Chaplinesque slip on a banana peel. Think Charlie Brown meets Robert Mapplethorpe.

You can see more of Kingsley’s work here.

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Célestin Krier



Célestin Krier is a French designer and illustrator. To see more of his work, visit his website, Back To The Cave.

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Lisa Ostapinski

Lisa Ostapinski


Lisa Ostapinski is an Oakland-based artist and art educator.  She uses encaustic (beeswax) painting techniques with a wide array of mixed media including metallic leaf, oil paint, xerox transfers, antique lace, beadwork and embroidery.   Her current work explores themes of magic, sacred geometry, decoration and the beauty of natural forms.

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Be sure to check out Lisa’s show Gates of Gold at Edo Salon and Gallery in SF starting Friday December 2nd with an opening reception and pop-up Holiday market!

Lisa will also be a LPP featured artist next year so stay tuned for exclusive prints of her beautiful work!

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Jennifer Packer


Jennifer Packer creates expressionist portraits, interior scenes, and still lifes that suggest a casual intimacy. Packer views her works as the result of an authentic encounter and exchange. The models for her portraits – commonly friends or family members – are relaxed and seemingly unaware of the artist’s or viewer’s gaze.
Packer’s paintings are rendered in loose line and brush stroke using a limited color palette, often to the extent that her subject merges with or retreats into the background. Suggesting an emotional and psychological depth, her work is enigmatic, avoiding a straightforward reading. “I think about images that resist, that attempt to retain their secrets or maintain their composure, that put you to work,” she explains. “I hope to make works that suggest how dynamic and complex our lives and relationships really are. To see more of Jennifer Packer’s work click here
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Piotr Pietrus


Photographer Piotr Pietrus was born in Poland and lives and works in Berlin.  To see more of his work, click here.


Gordon Harper



Gordon Harper is a Canadian painter working and living in Edmonton, Alberta. He works with transparent layers of oil to create illuminated scenes of solitude and tranquility. You can see more of his work here.

*All images from Peter Robertson Gallery

Shani Peters



Images are from Shani Peters’ solo exhibition at the Steele Hall Gallery on the campus of Bennett College (one of two all womens HBCU’s in the country) considers the Black American history specifically as it relates to cycles of collective protest through the Civil Rights era, and into the present.  The collage prints in the series feature a color pallet reflects both burning flames and setting suns, lavender incense oil, and physical light to evoke both a sense of healing and motivation for the continuing fight of its subject matter.  The wood panels are created via laser cut, flame burned into wood.  This works in the show consider the role of restorative self-care in the context of collective political struggle, the paradoxical yet imperative challenge of locating peace amid turmoil.  Self-care for Self-Determination Exchange Sessions were a key component of the exhibitions programing. To see more of Shani Peters’ work click here


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