Facundo Argañaraz

Facundo Argañaraz

Facundo Argañaraz

The work of Facundo Argañaraz.

**All images are from Facundo Argañaraz’s website.

Seth Price

Seth Price

Seth Price

The work of Seth Price at from his October-December 2012 exhibition, “Folklore US” at Petzel Gallery in NYC.

**All images are from www.petzel.com

Katrien De Blauwer



Katrien De Blauwer is a Blegium based artist. To see more of her collages visit her site.

Franco Kappl



Franco Kappl is an abstract artist that lives and works in Germany. To view more visit his site.

Duda Carvalho



Duda Carvalho lives and works in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

He studied graphic design, but moved over completely to photography in the 1990s. He worked, among other things, as an assistant to other photographers, but primarily he has learned, he says, by studying the work of other photographers and art in general.

In the last 15 years, his work has been more into fashion, “Fashion photography is my favorite area but art photography has always interested me.”

This past may he participated in the group exhibition Photography Now at The Brick Lane Gallery in London with an artwork from his series Constructed.

**To see know more about his work please go here.

Fiona Mackay

 Fiona Mackay

 Fiona Mackay

The work of Fiona Mackay.

Fiona Mackay’s recent series of paintings is made with traditional batik dye and wax on very thin canvas. As the appliance of pigments is to a large extent unpredictable, the artist is challenged to balance between control and letting go. On the one hand the works connect to the heydays of abstract painting, a predominantly male territory. On the other hand they are clearly reminiscent of the world of textiles and folk art, usually associated with the feminine. The results, intense and luminescent, reveal an uncommon marriage of solidity and fluidity, monumentality and domesticity, the earnest and the whimsical, achieving a maximum impact with limited means.

In the ‘Room’ Fiona Mackay presents a number of works which contain a 3 stripe motif either painted or waxed on. All of the works bring together a mixture of craft with formal, minimalist painting. Two of the presented paintings are from the AdiDazzler series, a group of works where negative bleeding lines run up and over the sides of the canvas. The pigments in this case ‘brand’ their own identities not only in colour but also in form.
In the third work Pd, waxed stripes act as a barrier to frame the subtle nuances in the delicate pigment. Whether a trouser leg, a Barnet Newman bleed or a plane of colour, Mackay gives no answers, but instead opens what the potential meaning of the work could be.

**All images and text are from albertbaronian.com

J. Mayer H.

J. Mayer H.

J. Mayer H.

The work of J. Mayer H.

**All images are from www.jmayerh.de

‘O the sleeping bag contains the body but not the dreaming head’ at Altman Siegel

O the sleeping bag contains the body but not the dreaming head’ at Altman Siegel

O the sleeping bag contains the body but not the dreaming head’ at Altman Siegel

Alice Channer, Aaron Flint Jamison, Anicka Yi
Curated by McIntyre Parker
April 18 – June 1, 2013

Godgrass, godtrees, godroad.
A sheet of geese bisects the rainstorm.
The water tower is ten storms full.
We practice drawing cubes

That’s the house squared away
& the incubator with Baby.
The dead are in their grid.
O the
sleeping bag contains
the bo
dy but not the dreaming head.

Matthea Harvey

**All images and text are from www.altmansiegel.com

Meredith Pardue



Meredith Pardue is an abstract artist that lives and works in Austin, TX. To see more of her work visit her site.

Patricia Gouvêa




When one reckons the scale of a transmutable time where destruction and disappearance are directly related to birth or emergence of the new, one can finally understand the haste of life and its ability to overcome death. In the domain of several cultures, this ability identifies itself in reproduction and in fertility rituals, and it is told about in mythologies that we got to know throughout times such as in the story of goddess Hel who inspired the creation of the Fenda series. In Nordic mythology, Hel is the goddess of both, life and death. She teaches the dead how to live from the end to the beginning of life. The dead become younger and younger until they get ready to be reborn again returning to life. The recovery of the divine takes place in the Hel’s darkness.

The domain of photography as a support language reinforces the proposition of this series, when we take into consideration that photography brings in itself the frozen time concept – the death of flux. Fenda brings the desire of transforming this support into life pulsation.

Patricia Gouvêa was born in 1973 in Rio de Janeiro, where she lives and works. Visual artist, works with photography, video, installation and urban intervention. Her work as an artist prioritizes moving photography and images and their potential interfaces, where the notion of time is one of the main pillars of her research. From 2005 to 2009 she was a member of the Grupo DOC (Desordem Obssessiva Compulsiva) collective, which promoted scores of actions in Brazil and abroad. She has published 2 books “Membranas de Luz: os tempos na imagem contemporânea” [“Membranes of Light: times in contemporary imagery”] (2011) and “Imagens Posteriores” [Posterior Images] (2012). She is an active member of the Brazilian scene as founder and director of Ateliê da Imagem, a cultural space in Rio de Janeiro dedicated to research, reflection and production of images.

To know more about Patricia’s work go here.