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Austin Eddy is an artist based in Brooklyn, NY. To see more from Austin Eddy click here.

Arts & Sciences

arts sciences

ARTS & SCIENCE encompasses a brand and seven shops, all based in Tokyo. Here founder and creative director, Sonya Park, a celebrated stylist, has crafted a world in which fashion is a foundation and essential component of her larger devotion to the art of daily life. To wear, to dwell, to eat, and to do so with discernment is at the heart of A&S.

Through her own originally-produced collection as well as her careful selections from the craftspeople and designers she reveres, Sonya offers her clients a surprisingly useful and human experience of luxury. An object of genuine quality takes its first breath in the skill of the maker and the character of its materials, but this is only the beginning of a long life of maturation. Over time it is invested with personal value and becomes something close to a collaborator in the daily life of an individual, and, in this way, it is further perfected by its age and its use. This understanding of quality leads Sonya to profess that fashion is a tool for living rather than a tool for vanity, and her philosophy is evident in all aspects of the A&S brand and her selections.

The original A&S clothing collection is rooted in exceptional examples derived from vintage work wear (usually designed for men) as well as ethnic clothing and textile traditions. These, Sonya believes, are the basis of all good fashion ideas. Comfort is crucial as are materials that age well, such as vintage denim, when clothes are treated as tools to be really worn and used. In pursuit of such qualities, Sonya has cultivated close collaborations with highly specialized, Japanese artisans working in the native traditions of textile manufacture and tailoring.

The six A&S shops, each devoted to a specific area of the collection, are strongly rooted in sensory experience and aim to reanimate the pleasure of seeing, touching, smelling, hearing, and tasting in contemporary culture. These experiences are, after all, the essence of human life and the basis for cultivating and discerning quality in our tools for living.

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Happy Holidays!



Happy Holidays from Little Paper Planes!
Our store hours will be:

Mon 12/22 12-7pm
Tue 12/23 12-7pm
Wed 12/24 12-5pm
Thu 12/25 Closed
Fri 12/26 Closed
Sat 12/27 12-7pm
Sun 12/28 12-6pm
Mon 12/29 12-7pm
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Sat 12- 7pm

Gift Guide 5 by Nayeli Nava


Postcard Calendar: Neat little postcard calendar that is made up of assemblages I created based on elements from LPP shop.

This Is Paper Magazine: This magazine is awesome. Excellent magazine for those who enjoy people watching and interviews about interesting people.

Brass Geo Stand: Better than a frame, imo. Also great way to display your favorite postcard from the postcard calendar

Leather Tassel USB: This is great for people like me who forget to charge their phone at home. Also it’s a cute leather tassel.

Plant Pod: Super cute vessel for air plants.

Note Pad Folio: This pad is rad. It has that old schoolhouse note book design.

Rose and Camomile White Tea: This organic tea is so nice! Perfect for a those cold nights in.  It’s also beautiful loose leaf tea for reading tea leaf fortunes.

*Chocolate available in store.


Gift Guide Four by Kelly Lynn Jones


Brion Nuda Rosch’s book is still one of my favorites. It was the first monograph we published in April 2010. It is filled with interesting collages and installation arrangements.

These socks are made with the high quality Egyptian cotton spun in Italy so your feet are in for a treat! There are a ton of adorable patterns, but the solids have just enough flare!

I love these cute ceramic badges, but especially the Ladies First one.

Anyone that knows me knows that I love cats, so when we got these cat clips in I had to have some.

I have an obsession with dots, so these two pens are perfect for all my writing needs.

I had been following Lindsey Hampton’s ceramic work for awhile and was so excited to finally get these beauts in! I love how she juxtaposed the speckled natural clay with the geometric bright color handles.

This little 2015 planner is a perfect size to fit in a purse!

I like to have a statement pieces for my necklaces and this one is it! It has a lovely speckle pattern and will spruce up any plain tunic!

My hair tends to be as straight as a ruler, but this spray gives me a tiny bit of wave and smells just like the beach!

Last but not least is our UNIFORMA x Midnight Collective collaboration soap! The mix of citrus is so refreshing that you won’t want to get out of the shower!

I might be bias since this is my photo, but who doesn’t love the ocean waves? I collaborated with Vacation Days who created the perfect silk scarf.

These sunglasses are pretty special since they not only have a great circular shape, but also fold up to fit in your pocket!

Gift Guide Three by Hannah Tatar


UNIFORMA Tote Bag : I confess, I may be biased towards these tote because I made them.  But they really are great bags!  The original cotton twill textile from our debut in-house collection is so fresh and clean.  It’s just the right size- big enough to hold what I need, without letting me veer into bag-lady territory.

UNIFORMA Hat : The perfect five panel flat brim to match your tote.  I love wearing hats and this is the newest addition to my collection.  We teamed up with The Essential Man in L.A. to make these super limited edition caps and the result is pretty amazing.

Shapes Studs : I am a huge fan of local designer Julia Szendrei’s jewelry- she makes the perfect simple, everyday earrings that have just enough something to satisfy.  Some of her new shapes include flat discs, tiny rectangles and shell-like half moons.  Available in silver or brass, they are great for mixing and matching.  Grab a pair for every lady you know and yourself.

Diner Journal : Diner Journal is a fantastic food magazine, suitable for both the cook and the take-out dependent in your life.  Every issue is full of delectable recipes, great photography and wonderful writing.  There is enough literature interspersed to make this a very enjoyable read, as well as serious kitchen inspiration.  Plus, the signature three-hole punched format is cool.

Agenda Planner : Minimalist, compact and easy to use- the perfect planner.  It is undated, so you can start whenever you want and if you are like me and tend to fall behind in your datebook, you can just start over and get back on track.

Eye Serum : I’ve been looking for a good eye serum for a while now, and this is just what I needed.  All natural, smells great and it really works.  The metal roller ball is especially nice- it feels so nice and soothing.

Bergamot + Veviter Bath Salts : I don’t have a bathtub, but this bottle is pretty enough that I considered getting it just for the aesthetics.  The fact that the salts smell heavenly makes my longing for a tub even greater.

Cow Horn Spoon and Tumblers : I didn’t know how much I loved cow horn as a material until I saw these spoons and tumblers from Rose & Fitzgerald.  Ethically sourced from local artisans in Uganda, each piece is cut from a Ugandan Ankole cow horn, which is specially chosen for its color and size.  They are meticulously sanded, heated, and molded to fit perfectly in your hand, then polished for a smooth, shiny finish.  The whisky tumblers are the perfect accompaniment to your favorite single-malt whisky (alternatively, they make a great bathroom water cup).  And spoons are just so darn cute.

Mohair Knit Throw :  These airy mohair throws are light as a cloud and so cozy. Double-knit with Italian yarns, the throws are knit and finished in the USA by Ohio Knitting Mills.  Founded in 1927 in Cleveland, Ohio, the Mill has a pretty incredible history and these throws continue their tradition of heartland-made knitwear.

Gift Guide Two by Sarah Kim

IMG_3889 copy


Moscow Mule Copper Mug: Who doesn’t love a shiny thing that is actually functional?? Can’t get any better than that. Umami’s craft is something that I have admired for a long time, and I really do have a special place in my heart for these cups.

Mini Aura Chimes by Ladies & Gentleman Studio: As a lover of geometry, these wind chimes are deeply satisfying to me. They’re a beautiful art object on their own; L&G takes great consideration into creating interesting relationships between the different shapes and materials. And even better that they make beautiful sounds! They make a really great gift to virtually anyone: I’m getting one for my aunt and little sister.

11×17 Reader by Elisa van Joolen: This is an incredibly engaging publication that showcases Elisa van Joolen’s work in a really fresh, compelling way. As a graphic designer with a love for fashion, this publication is absolutely delicious!

WWWW Bag by Modern Women: It really was love at first site. I actually heard church bells in the distance when I saw this tote bag! The message is great (it’s been a pretty good conversation starter!), the typeface is really interesting, and the bag itself is really spacious and durable. It was the most perfect lil thing to satiate my recent obsession with smart, feminist goodies.

Apartamento Magazine: Apartamento never disappoints. Each issue is special and full of high quality content. It has served as a huge inspiration for me in my life and practice since I discovered it years ago. These issues have become some of my most loved things in my own apartment!

Necklace by Machete: There is something so so so special about the jewelry made by Machete. I especially love the sculptural quality of each piece, but these tassel necklaces are definitely my favorite.

Gift Guide One by Maggie Haas


Purple Pod Round Pillow
Purple was may favorite color when I was a moody teen and I am just getting up the courage to add it back into my life after years of more sober color schemes. The royal purple of this pillow might be my first step!

A-OK pin
This isn’t a pick, this is a hint. I love all the pins from Casa Malaspina but I especially want this one, a happy little gesture in tough, shiny brass. If Santa doesn’t read this gift guide I am just going to get it myself.

Ana Montiel VM81 Print
Ana was one of my first interviews when I started working with LPP artists, and she’s still one of my favorites. I follow her on Instagram for little, colorful doses of calm. This print is especially lovely, with Ana’s signature patter obsession softened by drifting watercolor and tropical sunset hues.

Beard Tonic by Herbivore Botanicals
This beard tonic is tried and true — any fuzzy guys on your list will love it, anyone who hugs them will love it too because they’ll smell great. I’ve even snuck a drop to use as emergency anti-frizz oil for my own hair because it softens and tames so well.

Caitlin Keegan Print 2, Sun by Caitlin Keegan–sun
Back to getting comfortable with my teen obsessions, I’m back to loving all things lunar… and solar now too. This sun print harkens back to my mom’s ’60s influenced style, and it would be a perfect gift for her, or for my sisters to remind them of home.

Math Bass


Math Bass (b. 1981) lives and works in Los Angeles. She received her MFA from UCLA. Bass’s work was included in the Hammer Museum’s biennial “Made in L.A.” in 2012. Bass’s work has been included in exhibitions at Wallspace in New York, Michael Jon Gallery in Miami, and
Human Resources in Los Angeles.  To see more click here : Overduin and Co.


Holidays 2014 Lookbook



We decided to soak up the early winter vibes on the roof, with some new favorites.  Between the cozy threads, luxurious apothecary goods and dreamy light, it made for a pretty sweet morning…

Shop the lookbook here.

Happy holidays everyone!

love, LPP