Bryan Ray

Bryan Ray

Bryan Ray is an artist who thrives off of creating work that encompasses a wide range of visual mediums from video to fashion design.  The collaged and sculptural work above is from his recent collection, Static Waves, in which he uses materials like resin, wood and epoxy.  Static Waves ”continues in the narrative about time, and our skewed perspectives of what it means to us individually.”

To see more of Bryan’s work, visit his website and blog here

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Victoria Fu

Victoria Fu

Great show on view at Honor Fraser Gallery– Victoria Fu, Velvet Peel. It’s closing this Thursday, so please stop by if you’re in the LA area.

Victoria is a Southern California-based artist using film, video, sound, sculpture, and installation to explore both our physical and visual experiences with digital images. To read more about her work, visit the Art21 blog here.

Joe Yorty

Joe Yorty


Joe Yorty is a San Diego-based artist, working in a practice that integrates his obsession with thrift stores and swap meets into art-making. These Untitled Collages are made from vintage wallpaper and vinyl contact paper. To view more of Joe’s work, click here.

Amanda Ringstad

amanda ringstad


Amanda Ringstad is a Seattle-based still-life and product photographer, with a background in fine arts and sculpture.  To see more of her chromatic, bold compositions and her series of stunning landscapes, click here.

Mette-Marie Ørsted


Mette-Marie Ørsted is a Danish sculptor working primarily in clay.  I especially love her series of architecture-inspired works from her exhibition at Ann Linneman Studio Gallery in 2013.  To see more images from the show and to read an interview with the artist, click here.

(Exhibition photos by A.Linnemann)

Maysha Mohamedi



Maysha Mohamedi was born in Los Angeles. She received her MFA in painting from California College of the Arts and lives and works in San Francisco.

To see more of the artist’s work, please visit her website.

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LPP+ Residency: Sarah Gottesdiener, August 2015



We are very pleased to have Sarah Gottesdiener as our August Artist-In-Residence!  Stop by the LPP+ Residency at Adobe Books to meet this rad lady.  To sign up for a tarot reading, click here.  To see more of Sarah’s personal work, visit her site.

Hagar Vardimon-van Heummen



“Happy red fish” is a creative studio operated by the artist and designer Hagar Vardimon-van Heummen based in Amsterdam ,The Netherlands.  Says the artist,

Photographs are the basic foundation of my art.

My creative process rarely begins with a blank canvas. Preferring to converse visually with an existing dialogue, my basic foundation is built with found photographs and from there carefully placed threads undertake a journey of adding depth, layers, and meaning.

As I thread through an image, I’m stitching together across time, between past and present. I am seeking to weave a new story through the process of creating anchors and connecting lines, thereby changing the character of the photograph and the space it occupies.

Using found images of families and locales initially unfamiliar to me, I find myself discovering new connections. Something about these faces and places call out to me, touching on my own memories and it is from there that the odyssey of creation begins.

To see more of her work, click here.

Tomas Nilsson



Tomas Nilsson is a Stockholm-based graphic designer and illustrator.  To see more of his work, click here.

Mary Heilmann


Mary Heilmann was born in San Francisco. She studied ceramics at the University of California, Berkeley (MA) and lives and works in New York.

To see more of the artist’s work, please visit the 303 Gallery website. One of Mary Heilmann’s pieces is also being shown as part of Ratio 3′s current exhibit Zero to One on Paper.

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