Milena Silvano

milena silvano

Milena Silvano is an independent womenswear label based in East Sussex, UK.  The designs above are from their A/W 2015 collection featuring beautiful patchwork of reclaimed and deadstock sheepskin.

The label combines the skill of traditional craft with avant-garde experimentation and spiritual values. Through its use of reclaimed and deadstock sheepskin, natural dyes and careful sourcing of ethical silks, Milena Silvano’s collections marry an otherworldly, wandering aesthetic with imaginative and innovative feminist style.

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Michael Swaney: New Work


Michael Swaney is a Barcelona-based artist who works with paint, ceramics, textile, and assemblage. He was an LPP Featured Artist in 2011, with LPP exclusive prints in our shop. You can see more of his work here.

*all images from the artist’s website

Elizabeth M. Claffey


Elizabeth M. Claffey is an Assistant Professor of Photography at Indiana University in Bloomington.  She is an honors graduate of Earlham College and has an MFA in photography from Texas Woman’s University, where she also earned a Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies.  She received a 2012-13 William J. Fulbright Fellowship, which she used to support her documentary and creative research in Eastern Europe.  Elizabeth’s work focuses on the way personal and familial narratives are shaped by interactions with both domestic and institutional structures and spaces.

These are images taken from three of her series: Maternity, Still Lives and Mother’s Milk, Father’s Blood. To see more of Claffey’s work, please visit her website.

Aggregate Space Gallery in Oakland is featuring a selection of Claffey’s work as part of a group show titled ”Flesh and Blood” until 02.06.16.


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Justin Adian


Justin Adian is a contemporary artist whose canvas-wrapped foam compositions comfortably straddle the divide between painting and sculpture.  With roots in Minimalist and Abstract traditions, Adian demonstrates a careful consideration of form and color, with a healthy amount of playfulness.  He lives and works in New York.

All images in the series are courtesy of Blackston Gallery.  To learn more, click here.

Rose Blake


Rose Blake is a London-based illustrator and fine artist.  Her charming scenes of daily life have appeared in both galleries and publications such as The New Yorker, The Sunday Times and New York Magazine.  These images are from her recent exhibition “Now I am an Artist” at Rebecca Hossack Gallery.  To see more of her work, click here.

Hayal Pozanti

hayal pozanti

The paintings of New York-based artist Hayal Pozanti.

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Last year she had a solo show, Ciphers, at Jessica Silverman Gallery in San Francisco. For this work, “Pozanti has created a cipher system, titled “Instant Paradise,” whereby numbers and letters from the English language are replaced by her own iconic alphabet.”  To check out images from the show and read about the work and her exploration of the “polemics of communication” and “dissemination of data in the Internet age,” click here

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Lydia Hardwick


Lydia Hardwick is an artist and designer living in the UK. She works with ceramics, plaster, and paint, creating objects for daily use as well as fine art. See more of her work here.

*All images from the artist’s website

Edward Cheverton


Edward Cheverton is a Bristol based Artist and Illustrator. His work features collage, comics, mixed media, 3D, drawing and more. You can see more of his work here.

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Ward Roberts

Josh Sperling

josh sperling


The work of Brooklyn-based artist Josh Sperling.  He and artist Sam Friedman currently have a show, From the Cradle to the Grave, up at Joshua Liner Gallery in New York.  The show runs until February 6th, so if you happen to be in NY check it out!

From the gallery’s website:

Sperling’s works on canvas waver between wall sculptures and paintings. Building layered plywood structures by hand, the artist stretches canvas over these forms to create a subtle relief. The structures range from angular and geometric to organic reminiscent of fibers and cells. Light and shadow interact with the facets of the pieces, creating an enhanced illusion of depth. 

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