Brian Michael Dunn

Brian Michael Dunn

Brian Michael Dunn

The work of Brian Michael Dunn. I really love this series he did in 2013 of oil or enamel on steel.

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Tessy King

TessyKingTessy King is an artist with an object-based practice working and living in Melbourne, Australia.

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Work by Revok

“Respected for decades of influential and pioneering work as a graffiti writer, Revok’s studio work explores deeply shared themes involving place and human experience using the very materials that make up the environment around him.”

To see more of his work and a video interview, check out his website here

Quote taken from the Library Street Collective site

Julia Haft-Candell

Julia Haft-CandellThe work of LA-based artist, Julia Haft-Candell.

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Mark Johnsen


Mark Johnsen is a printmaker and photographer living in Northern California.  To see more of his work, click here.

Claire Oswalt


Claire is a Los Angeles based artist whose work spans various disciplines including drawing, painting, and sculpture.   To see more of her work, click here.

Samantha Bittman



“Creating loom-woven textiles with painted surfaces, Samantha Bittman simultaneously camouflages her patterns as she highlights their structure with thick acrylic—often revealing new patterns through the semi-masked surface.” – Andrew Rafacz

The above works are from Samantha’s show Razzle Dazzle at Andrew Rafacz Gallery in Chicago.

To see more of Samantha’s bold work, check out her website here and the gallery’s site here

Allison Manch

Allison Manch

The work of Allison Manch.

“The work presents real and imagined characters through embroidered narratives, often connected to my childhood in Arizona. Threading humor throughout, I stitch drawings and text onto old linens that are often flawed or adorned with preexisting machine-embroidered imagery. I am interested in the permeable boundary that separates actual events in life from the collective mythologies of family stories, literature, and cultural history.”

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Sharon Etgar

Sharon EtgarThe work of Sharon Etgar, from Tel Aviv, Israel.

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Jerry Birchfield

Jerry Birchfield

Jerry Birchfield

The work of Jerry Birchfield.

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