Our Kid’s After-School Art Program has begun!


This week was our first week of our FIRST EVER kids after-school art program! This has been the culmination of so much anticipation, and it absolutely was everything we had hoped for and imagined. Watching the kids learn and create with such enthusiasm re-inspired both Kelly and myself to create in our own art practices.

Each after-school program will consist of five week sessions. Four weeks of learning about contemporary artists and creating a project inspired by that artist. The final week will be a gallery night, where the kids get to present their creations from the previous four weeks. They can invite friends and family, showing off what they have learned. We have age 5 – 8 year olds on Tuesday evenings, 9 – 13 year olds on Thursday evenings.

This week the kids learned about shape and color through the works of Alice Tippit. Alice is an artist based in Chicago, her works perfectly illustrate how you can use shape and color in both bold and subtle ways. To learn more about Alice and to see more of her works, click here.

The kid’s project this week was to create a paper mache bowl. Layering tissue paper and glue on a balloon, created the foundation of the bowl. They then cut shapes  our of construction paper and adorned them to the bowl, followed by one last layer of glue. For the shapes, our suggestion was to trace and cut out the shape of their hands. Many of the little kids did just this, the older kids branched off and created whatever shapes they wanted. It was so fun to see their ideas  transform from conception to reality. When the kids come in next week, they will pop the balloons (creating a LOT of excitement) and cut off the top of their bowls to make it a smooth top.

This first week was a dream, and we are so excited to see what the kids create next week when we work with clay! If you are interested in having your kiddos a part of our after-school program, or if you are wondering if we will be doing summer camps (we will!!!), we will be posting information about all of that within the next week! You can also join our mailing list via our website to be the first to know!

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