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Jaakko’s exclusive Little Paper Planes print #1

Little Paper Planes is pleased to introduce our second featured May artist, Jaakko Pallasvuo! Jaakko has been studying Painting at the Fine Arts Academy in Helsinki, but recently dipped into installation and the 3rd D, and liked what he found there too. Furthermore, Jaakko is on the brink of taking a break from his studies and moving to Berlin at the end of this month, where he intends to try to find work as an illustrator. Rather than interview him in time of massive change, I asked Jaakko to share whatever he wanted to, rather than drill him about unknowns.

Jaakko’s exclusive Little Paper Planes print #2

Most of Jaakko’s work is aimed at telling some kind of story. Whether that story is implicit or even fully known by him is up for grabs. But his use of ‘story’ is an attempt to embrace falsity. For example, one of Jaakko’s methods of hugging the unreal is to paint landscapes that look like 40′s film sets rather than real landscapes. He’s also interested in trying to build space without using “Western perspective.”

current works in progress

Jaakko’s biggest influence and through the years has been science fiction films and books, and Blade Runner is most significant to him of all.

funeral clothes designed for a show earlier this year

Jaakko published a book with Napa Books last year called How you should make cement for mending stones (published by Napa Books), and in his new life Jaakko aims to make more zines. He finds it provides a natural format for the narrative sequencing he’s currently digging. Plus it’s oh so meditative. Thanks and good luck Jaakko!

Placeholders (for tattoos) from Elina Minn on Vimeo (by Elina Minn and Jaakko Pallasvuo)


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1 GaryNo Gravatar { 05.27.10 at 11:18 pm }

you go jaakko! i can see subtle blade runner-esque influences in your stylings man & let me just say that it’s heaps moist! if you’re ever in sydney, there’s at least one bloke who’ll be lookin forward to checkin your handyworks up close. cheers mate, G

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