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Little Paper Planes’ first featured artist for May is Elina Minn. We’re pleased to offer the work above as an exclusive print, available HERE (where you can also see close-ups of each part of the triptych). Read on to learn more about this young universal traveler and her constant and various art doings.

Jess Wheaton: Hi Elina, let’s start with the basics. What is your age, where do you live, and what’s your favorite thing to do in the world?

Elina Minn: I’m 26, I live in Berlin. I love to go, to travel. Even if it’s always just an excuse to enjoy returning home again.

JW: I believe your original home is Finland. It also looks like you’ve shown in other countries recently as well, and have many friends all over the world. Can you share some of your background, and tell us how your globe-trotting ways came about?

EM: At the moment I’m in Berlin, but I do work in Finland also. I have been absorbed into the fascinating world of internet-based relations ever since being a teenager in the 90′s. That has made a big impact on my life, not that I ever planned it. Also, my Grandmother always told me: travel whenever you can, you’ll never regret it. I think I always have that on the back of my mind.

JW: Please give us a survey of your personal art practice (what all you do, and what it’s about), and also any other projects you have been and are still involved in.

EM: I studied animation in Turku, Finland for five years, mostly focused on storytelling and traditional techniques like drawn and stop motion animation. After getting out of school I seem to want to do everything else but animation! I do installations, writing, and just two weeks ago did my first performance. I just like to get myself into new trouble, I guess. Drawing is the essential thing that I always return to.

JW: Who are some of your favorite artists?

EM: My friends who work with me! Berlin-wise, I really like the singer-performer Molly Nilsson. From the canon I think Louise Bourgeois seems to have got it down pretty good. Right now I seem to admire the kind that just keep going, like Jonathan Richman. Momus. Suzanne Vega. Rei Kawakubo. Laurie Anderson. Oh the list could go on forever. No artist is a feel-all or a be-all.

JW: What do you have coming up in the near or distant future that you are excited about (feeling?) or working towards (being)?

EM: I’m excited to see what the future will look like and what my work will look like over there. At the moment I’m working on a series of installations and performances called Marine Biology/Marine Biologist and a geometry based exhibition/workshop in my hometown Turku. I’m also super excited about Jaakko* moving to Berlin!

JW: Cool! Best of luck with those endeavors Elina, and thanks from me and Little Paper Planes for your thoughts, your work, and for this internet-based relation.

EM: Thanks for having me.

*Jaakko Pallasvuo will be our second featured May artist



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