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Mr. Larkin creates clothing with a focus on ethics, origin and craft. Simply, they make good clothes in a good way. With inspiration built from natural dyes and Japanese textiles; the construction, craft and nostalgia of fashion’s past; and the simplistic lines of Scandinavian design, the Mr. Larkin universe stands in a very specific place between raw beauty and clean silhouette. Mr. Larkin focuses on local production as much as possible and telling the story of each garment’s journey. With thoughtful design at their core, they approach each step with kindness; considering the planet and those on it with every piece made.

Mr. Larkin was created by Casey Larkin Blond in 2008 and produced locally in San Francisco, CA for 3 years. Mr. Larkin production was put on hold while building a family and establishing new roots in Scandinavia. After discovering the ways of new life and home, the brand has been reborn. They reintroduce their universe with new collections, daily musings, and a shop selling Mr. Larkin goods as well as other well crafted brands from all over the world. Mr. Larkin will continue to be made close to home, and while Copenhagen is just that, Mr. Larkin will be mindfully made in Denmark and the EU.

To see more from Mr. Larkin or to shop the beautifully curated online store, click here.


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