“Moments” Look Book by Jennifer Young

Jennifer Young is a lifestyle photographer based out of San Luis Obispo, CA. She is also the author of the design appreciation/inspiration blog I ART U.

(All photos by Jennifer Young)

Quiet moments, still life, gatherings…these are a few of my favorite things. I love moments. I love that they can be captured in a split second and frozen to exist for forever. This collection of photos brings the quiet to life…the quiet that I envision and that speaks so loudly to me.

LPP Products:

1. California Collection Print 3 by Kelly Lynn Jones

2. Cloud Poster by Debbie Carlos

3. Flock Poster by Debbie Carlos

4. Prolific Tote by Fieldguided

5. Still Life Publication by LPP

6. Rananculus Poster by Debbie Carlos

7. Folio Issue 01 by Folio

8. California Postcards by Cortney Cassidy

9. Los Angeles Large Format Print by HANDSworkshop

10. Gathering Book by Jacqueline Bos


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