Mimi Jung


Mimi Jung’s roots in art and graphic design have led her to pursue a new language in the world of traditional weaving. Mimi’s goal with any project is to express her personal vision, to evoke a feeling through form or material or composition, rather than to execute on technique. Far from the decorative function of traditional weavings, Mimi’s work is a form of painting. She is always working to find a strong point of view through her pieces, letting the materials inspire her in the process.

Mimi studied fine art at Cooper Union in New York and graphic design at HGK Basel. Art and design practices continue to influence her work strongly, and as a result Mimi’s weavings push beyond the realm of traditional craft-making. Her background, uncommon for a textile artist, is what makes her weavings modern, for she is always working to express new ideas and create rich experiences.

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