Meet Isabella Hill: Embroidery Workshop on 10/15

We are excited to have Isabella Hill come to the LPP Workshop to teach the art of embroidery. Her workshop is 10/15 from 1-5. Each student will receive an LPP Art Kit with all materials included to work in the class and at home! We have a few more spots! Go to our online shop to sign up!


Isabella Hill is a native San Franciscan who grew up in a community of artists and creators. Her grandparents were heavily involved in the Hippie art and fashion scene, and her mother was a weaver and clothing designer. From a young age, she understood that clothing is a powerful form of personal expression. She began customizing clothing with embroidery and beading a few years ago as a form of creative release. Her idiosyncratic, playful style quickly gained a following. She has created collaborative pieces with designers Creatures of Comfort and Evan Kinori, as well custom clothing for musicians, artists and other flashy dressers. Her inspirations include Victoriana, vernacular photography, outsider art, country music and the American West.

LPP’s Dylan Johnson who also shares a love of embroidery asked Isabella a few questions about her craft!

When did you start working with embroidery?

I started doing embroidery when I was a child. My grandfather Jerry Wainwright was the photographer behind Native Funk and Flash, a book of hippie fashion that has kind of a cult following among crafters. Having these images and personalities around when I was younger was a huge inspiration. I picked up embroidery again a few years ago when I was feeling frustrated and in search of a creative outlet, then I couldn’t stop!


Your collaboration with Creatures of Comfort is amazing. How did you get involved with them?

I got involved with Creatures of Comfort through a kind of circuitous route. My good friend Megan Plunkett runs a small press, Kingsboro Press, with Seth Zucker, the partner of Creatures of Comfort designer Jade Lai. He showed my work to Jade. She was in the process of designing her Spring 2017 collection which is inspired by Mexico City. She wanted to incorporate some hand embroidery reminiscent of traditional Mexican embroidery, so she reached out to me.

Where did your inspiration come from for the imagery you used?

The imagery I used in the Creatures of Comfort collaboration began with Jade’s touchstone of Mexico City. For me, this expanded to include Frida Kahlo, mexican masks, milagros and retablos (Mexican devotional paintings.) Since my work already incorporates a lot of folk art and surrealistic themes, it ended up being a perfect fit.


It seems like garments play a huge role in your embroidery. How do you pick certain pieces of clothing to work on?

I define my aesthetic as reimagined western wear, so I try to find clothing that fit this theme. I look for vintage american work wear, like Levi’s, Wrangler, and Carhartt. A classic, unisex fit and quality fabrics are also important. I recently designed my first original piece of clothing! It’s a customizable canvas chore jacket that will be available at West Coast Craft this November!


What has inspired your work lately?

Lately my work has gone in two different directions, inspired by some of my recent collaborators. The store Better For Living lent me some amazing denim by Eckhaus Latta to embroider on. The theme of those pieces is “Protective Demons.” I’ve had a lot of fun going over the top with color and details. The result is totally trippy and insane. I also have done a couple small projects for Evan Kinori. His focus is on great craftsmanship, and sophisticated, simple designs. His work inspired me to create tone on tone imagery, simplified to its essential elements.

We hope to see you at Isabella’s workshop!


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