Meet Holly Coley: Ceramic Wall Hanging Workshop on 10/22

We are excited to have Holly Coley come to the LPP Workshop to teach a ceramics workshop. The workshop is 10/22 from 1-4. Each student will receive an LPP Art Kit with all materials included to work in the class and at home! Students will pick up their wall hangings two weeks after the class once it has been fired. We have a few more spots! Go to our online shop to sign up!

Holly Coley is an SF based interdisciplinary artist and teacher working in clay and illustration. Four years ago she founded Holly Coley Designs, a small batch handmade ceramic company and has turned more then a few heads at curated craft shows in the Bay Area with her whimsical living sculptures, sloths and clay narwhals. Check out some of Holly’s creations and follow her studio practice on Instagram @hollycoley. Artist website

1. When did you get into ceramics? 

I started working with ceramics in high school but was more interested in painting at that time. So I would say that I got really interested in ceramics about 5 years ago when I started to hand build characters from my paintings.



2. Is there an artist who’s work you are really excited about lately?

Genesis Belanger, I recently came across her work on Instagram. She’s a Brooklyn based artist.  I’m in love with her muted color pallet, objects and her comical feminist narratives. She’s just so great.


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3. I see that you make hand built objects, but your thrown forms also are beautiful! Do you prefer one way of working with clay over the other? Is there a large difference between these processes for you? 

I work between the two techniques but hand building is my preference.

If I get tired of sculpting and hand building, the wheel is a nice break - there’s a lot of play there.  I like to add elements of hand building to my wheel work. Making functional work is a new experience for me.


4. Your website says you’re a community arts activist! I see you’re very involved in arts education, what other forms does your activism take?

I donate my work and time to support art nonprofits in SF. For instance, I have been a Monster Drawing Rally (Southern Exposure) artist for the past four years helping to raise money for their programming. Every year I donate work to Root Division to support art education in public schools.  Keeping art in peoples lives is very important to me because I would not have made it out of high school without it.

5. What are sources of inspiration for you? If you ever find yourself in a creative/personal funk what helps you get out of it?

I’m inspired by mythologies and ghost stories.  I love Japanese animation, ceramics, and culture.

I’ve lived in SF for 20 years so I’ve had the privilege of getting to know a lot of artists and musicians and their work. I’m constantly inspired by the community here. Living in the Bay Area has made me love water dwelling creatures, especially grey whales.


I sometimes struggle with thinking that there’s not enough room in the world for what I’m saying and making with my art. When I get those dark thoughts, I execute a challenging project for myself. If it turns out, great! If its an epic fail i learn a lot. Either way, I try not to sit around hating on myself.

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Hope to see ya at Holly’s workshop!


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