Meet Alice Gould : Fun with Gouache Workshop on 10/28

We are excited to have Alice Gould come to the LPP Workshop to teach a ceramics workshop. The workshop is 10/28 from 12-4. Each student will receive an LPP Art Kit with all materials included to work in the class and at home! We have a few more spots! Go to our online shop to sign up!

Alice Gould received a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and an MFA in from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, both in the field of Painting. She grew up in Portland, Oregon, has lived primarily in California’s Bay Area, and often spends time exploring wilderness areas. Nature informs her work. Large oil canvases, spirited gouache works-on-paper, and nature photography are homages to life forces, weather and plant dynamism. Color, craftsmanship and the materiality of art-making are important considerations in her work. She now lives in Oakland. Please visit to view her work and CV.

How did you start painting? 

I had always loved to draw then took a painting class at the Portland Art Museum when I was 13. The assignments felt too rigid, but introduced me to paint. At home I played around with making geometric patterns, then I thought I’d like to do a still life, so put some flowers in a vase and began. I loved my first real painting and kept going from there, learning more later from my high school art class, but always going home to make my own, “real” art — the stuff I did for myself, which was inspired by books I had of Degas, Matisse, Chagall and Picasso. I painted oil portraits and the nude figure as an undergrad!



Is there an artist who’s work you are really excited about lately?

Yes, I saw a show recently of paintings by Jenny Sharaf at the Eleanor Harwood Gallery at Minnestoa Street Project. The paintings are abstract pools of colors lapping into one another on stiller grounds, or even on plaid fabric. Ive worked like this, too, and I love the pure visual effect of her paintings. Great to see in real life.


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I love your collages, especially the ones with pompoms! Do you see yourself working with more sculptural elements in the future? Or even perhaps, moving away from 2D altogether?

Funny you should ask! I wonder that myself sometimes, and do see myself working sculpturally. I have a collection forming of vintage bedroom elements like a mattress and headboard, and some throw pillows. I know they are destined for something whacky and wonderful.



There are some stunning large oil paintings that were apart of you MFA thesis. Do you approach oils in the same way that you do gouache, or are they very different ways of painting for you (physically, conceptually)?

Thank you! Nice to hear… Similar approaches, yes. In fact the gouache works help me warm up for larger paintings, usually in oil. If I can create small worlds of curious color and shape relationships easily with a few brush strokes on paper, I can also do this in oil paint with a big canvas and some huge brushes. Its a differnet level of commitment and requires some planning, patience, and control.  It is way more physical, and also more exillerating. One activity inspires the other then Im back to the works on paper, and the cycle continues.



What are sources of inspiration for you? If you ever find yourself in a creative/personal funk what helps you get out of it?

My inspiration and muse is nature. Skies, trees, flowers, seeds, cones, birds, wind, rivers; the chaotic convergence of natural forms and elements I see and feel when I go on wilderness adventures. I am also inspired by fabric patterns, vintage tableware, crafts of all kinds, and jewelry. All visual arts play a role. And the stories of my life, relationships, love, heartache — these are in there, too. Sometimes the art is an imprint or shadow or whisper of these things, other times its more literal. My favorite is when the namable and the unnamabe skate together in the ice-capades.



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